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Thread: Unable to login in my Skydrive account

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    Unable to login in my Skydrive account

    I need your help on one of my problems. I am not able to login in my Skydrive account. I am able to visit the home page but and from there the problem starts. When I click on the on any folder, then it gives the error message saying that they cannot show me the same page, this is not the exact one, but the message is similar to it. I am using it from 6 months and have never faced such problem. Please try to help me out with this issue.

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    Re: Unable to login in my Skydrive account

    I have a nice solution for solving this problem. I will advise you to first login in to the Windows Live account and after logging in try to go to the account settings option there. Try to change the location and logout. After doing that now try to clean the browsing history and then delete the cookies as well. Now try to restart the browser and then login in your skydrive account. Now it will work for you. So try it out and do remember to reply me back.

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    Re: Unable to login in my Skydrive account

    Even I am facing the same problem. I have tried logging in my skydrive account on other computer but even there I am not able to login. I have to login in my computer using different internet connection, but even this is not helping me out. I am still getting the same error message. I am really getting frustrated now with this problem, so please try to suggest me some solution using which i can come out of this problem. Thanks.

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    Re: Unable to login in my Skydrive account

    I have gone through problem and as you have mentioned that you are not able to login even on different computer and even with the different internet connection, then for this I will advise you to make the contact with the windows live support team as your problem is not related with the computer so there is no meaning in suggesting the solution for your machine, you might be having some problem in your account. I hope that you will get the required help from them.

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