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Thread: Does Mac OS have GPU acceleration for browsers

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    Does Mac OS have GPU acceleration for browsers

    I have been using Internet Explorer, Google chrome and Mozilla from quite some time now in my windows system which I was using from long time. But now I have moved to Mac system and I am thinking that Google chrome and Mozilla have only done the GPU acceleration for Windows not for Mac. I want to know is there any kind of setting that I can perform in Mac for GPU acceleration for the browsers.

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    Re: Does Mac OS have GPU acceleration for browsers

    The thing that lack in the Mac OS X is that there is no relative API on OS X to Direct2D which is there in windows. The closest is QuartzGL which Mac OS X has and that is enabled since Panther, but when you consider Mozilla it is aiming to provide the complete interface via OpenGL though. Like their Direct3D rendering which is there on Windows but you need to consider thing that the window managers vary in what they sustain, so surely there will be some of the differences. Still to improve on this point by Mac OS X.

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    Re: Does Mac OS have GPU acceleration for browsers

    The improvement can be in the content only but I don’t think it will make so much difference in Mac. It will be great if CPU intensive applications such as Flash and Silverlight would be offloaded to the GPU. I think you need to still wait to see what improvement is implemented on Mac for the browsers which you will be using with your system. So for details you can try to retrieve more information on the official Mac website. As per my knowledge still time to have the GPU acceleration for browsers in Mac.

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    Re: Does Mac OS have GPU acceleration for browsers

    If you are using Chrome 7 then can perform GPU acceleration up and running for that you need to perform below steps as:
    1) For this you will require the dev channel edition of Google Chrome. If you don’t have it you need to install it.
    2) Initially right click on the Chrome icon that is there on your desktop or where you have installed and pick properties.
    3) Now you need to add the following at the end of the “target” text box:
    after that it will look like:
    “C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” -enable-accelerated-compositing
    4) Now you need to click “Apply” or “OK”.
    5) At this point you need to make sure every Google Chrome windows are closed, now open it from that shortcut you have just modified.

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    Re: Does Mac OS have GPU acceleration for browsers

    I don't think there is any such GPU acceleration application or anything like that in Mac OS X for any of the web browsers. But one thing you can sure try is that use Safari web browser that is specifically used in the Mac system and it is quite fast when you use it in the Mac system it will work really fast when compare to other web browsers you have used in windows. You instead of going into the details of GPU acceleration try out use of Safari.

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