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Thread: Unable to login to Windows Live (Error code: 80048265)

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    Unable to login to Windows Live (Error code: 80048265)

    Hello to all, I had currently installed Windows Live on to my system. It worked fine for some days. When I try to sign in to Windows Live, I get error message 80048265. Also it shows that the wrong e-mail or password but both are correct. But when I try to log in In Game, a window tells something might be wrong with my network settings. When I try to log in on desktop Programmes/Games for Windows Live, a window tells my ID or password would be wrong. My internet connection is also working fine. I just lost the ability to log in. but i can not understand why does it happens. please help.

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    Re: Unable to login to Windows Live (Error code: 80048265)

    It seems to me that this problem is pretty persistent. I am not sure whether if this will work, but give it a shot. Using an administrative account on your Personal Computer, by logging in to it go to the Control Panel, in control panel go at the Users options and add a new User with administrative rights. Log off your Personal Computer and now log in with the new User. Try to activate Windows LIVE under that User with your Windows Live ID. If it is successful, log out and log back into your regular User account in Windows then it might may get work.

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    Re: Unable to login to Windows Live (Error code: 80048265)

    Check out this method, try to disable or enable the “Automatically Detect Settings”, it is the option in the Microsoft Internet Explorer. First open the Internet Explorer. In that go at the Tools menu and then click to the Internet settings. Click on to the Connections Tab and then click on to the LAN settings. In that clear the automatically detect settings check box and then click the OK button. Click OK button to exit the Internet options windows. After completing it try to connect it back to the Windows Live. Continue the above given steps and then toggle that setting to turn OFF and then try.
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    Re: Unable to login to Windows Live (Error code: 80048265)

    Better create the new Windows LIVE account to check whether the result changes or not. When you try to log in to the games, it will first ask you to select from the other accounts in your list or to sign in to the new account, choose the new account button but put in the Windows LIVE credentials of an account that already present. Does this change anything? If this does not work then try out this method, uninstall any Anti-Virus or the security programs running. Because some of the antivirus applications does not allow the sockets to be connected. Especially if they do not have an exception set. Pick any anti-virus program and do a search with trying to connect to an online game or multiplayer, it’s not just specific to LIVE. Another method is to check that you have the UDP 3074 open source and the same for the 88. Not to worry about TCP now, what you want is just make sure that these two ports should be open in both the ways or you will never connect.

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    Re: Unable to login to Windows Live (Error code: 80048265)

    Does you uninstalled the windows LIVE redist and the client, after then install it back. Go to the start, in that go at the run option. Type APPWIZ.CPL and then press OK. After that remove both the Games for Windows LIVE and Games for Windows LIVE Redistributable. After that reboot your system. To resolve this issue, download the latest update for Games for Windows - LIVE, restart the computer, and then manually install the update. To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Exit the game.
    2. Close all open programs and save any open files on which you were working.
    3. Get the latest LIVE Update
    Click Save and save the file to your desktop.
    4. Restart the computer. This will end all currently running processes.
    Note: Any open or running process may prevent a successful update of the Games for Windows - LIVE components.
    5. After the computer restarts, double-click the Games for Windows - LIVE update that you downloaded to the desktop.
    6. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.
    7. Restart the computer, if you are prompted to do this.
    8. Start the Games for Windows - LIVE game, and then connect to the Windows LIVE service.
    Let us know if resolves the issue and if not, can you provide the event logs for this error so that we can see some of the details? That error you see is more with Windows Live ID issues, commonly with firewalls or a proxy blocking something.

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