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Thread: How to make calls in USA through VOIP

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    How to make calls in USA through VOIP

    Hello friends I would want to know that is there any way we can get the USA VOIP number on a Indian mobile number. I have my family and friends located in USA so I would want to communicate with them. But since calling them would cost allot from mobile so I would want to make the calls using the VOIP as it is free. I would want to know how to avail this feature on my computer so as to enable me to make calls in USA. What are the hardware and the software that is required to make these calls. Please provide with the complete solution for this as I am eagerly waiting to talk to my family and friends.

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    Re: How to make calls in USA through VOIP

    Hey inorder to make calls to USA you should first have a VOIP connection, a dialer and a mic along the network connection from the server that allows you to use the VOIP to make calls anywhere. When we get the VOIP facility available from the Internet Service Provider, he will provide us with the numbers from which you can you dial and as well as receive the call. You can use this VOIP to call anywhere around the world but you will only get to know the code of the number from the ISP. Before both the users can chat they have to connect with each other using the IP address of both. Once this is done you can enjoy the free calling service.

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    Re: How to make calls in USA through VOIP

    Hey inorder to call from the VOIP number you have to first originate signaling and media channel setup that is provided by the Internet service provider, once you have this setup you can make use of the VOIP facility to make calls. The device will digitize the analog voice signal and convert them into packets that are then transmitted over Internet Protocol (IP) packets over a packet switched network. This same technique is done on the receiver end and you will be very effectively able to communicate with any one around the world. Although the number which you want will be provided by the ISP so you can make calls using that number to any place around the world.

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    Re: How to make calls in USA through VOIP

    Hey why don't you try Cordia VOIP services to make calls to any where around the world. When we use the Cordia Voip Magellan plan,we are able to dial the Magellain number that have been provided by the service provider. Also, the best thing is that you will be able to receive calls on the landline or mobile phone at any place around the world. Although they will charge some rates for this which will be decided by them. So you just call them or visit their site to know what are the rates and any other information that you want.

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