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Thread: How to save login information

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    How to save login information

    while signing on to a new website for the first time the computer pop up a question whether you want to remember your name and logs it into that particular computer so you need not to enter it each time...if you have said no in the past is there any way you can change it so that it now stores your name and account info, and it will not keep any record for your name and logs?

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    Re: How to save sign on information

    You can also delete the visited website record which you donít want by deleting the cookies, but you would also lose the record of the important recently visited websites.
    An alternate method to try:
    1. Simply first step to click on the Start button
    2. Then second step to enter User in Start Search box then click on User Accounts above.
    3. Third step to move on side menu Click Manage Network Passwords.
    4. Fourth step Select Add.
    5. Final step to enter your connection information and click on OK button.

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    Re: How to save sign on information

    In order to clear the history of your recently visited delete down the track of your cookie that the web site wrote and delete in URL, but doing this you would lose your all recently visited website that are useful to you in future. An alternate way to try to delete the unwanted history:
    1. Go to Start button.
    2. In the Start Search User then go to on User Accounts above.
    3. Go to Manage Network Passwords on the side menu.
    4. Click on Add button.
    5. Enter your connection information and select OK button.

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    Re: How to save sign on information

    To save your user-name and password information on Windows Live:
    1. In Windows Live Toolbar, go to the arrow next to the Form Fill Button , and then click Options.
    2. In Form Fill, go to Sign-in information. For first time user of Toolbar, you need to enter a password to be authorized to access the sign-in information settings.
    3. In the right side of pane, go to Add button, and then enter the domain name of the particular website.
    4. Enter a user name and password in the Sign-in information section to be used. If you are the alone user of that computer i.e. you don’t share that computer in a network, clear the Prompt me for a password when entering sign-in information check box to ensure it security.
    5. Click Save button to save all the changes made, and then click OK button.

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