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Thread: Safari: Copy or paste not working

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    Safari: Copy or paste not working

    I am having a HP computer with the windows XP service pack 3 environment. Installed the Apple safari browser in the machine. The problem is I am not able to copy and paste the web pages from the browser into the specific folder of the desktop. It says that the, you are not allowing tom access the operation into the browser. I also try to do the similar thing with the ctrl+p and ctrl+v option from the keyboard, but this is also saying the same thing while I attempt this for the copy and paste the web pages.

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    Re: Safari: Copy or paste not working

    While accessing any web page and willing to save that page then got to the file menu option of the browser and click on the “save as” option to save the web-page. Make sure that the source format is support to save the page in the drop down menu. Save the file into the desk or some other place where you wish be inserting a desired name of theta file. Now try open the file by right click on the file and select the format where you wish to open the file. Remember that don’t open the file by double click on the file icon, this will open in the browser.

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    Re: Safari: Copy or paste not working

    I had the similar issue with the Google Chore issue in my Compaq laptop. I was not able to copy or paste any web file into the computer. I searched everywhere for the solution, but found nothing. After that one of my friends suggests me another way to copy or paste the web file from the browser, and this technique is used is some other browser like the Firefox and the Netscape and this works. So I think this will also work in the safari browser. I would like to suggest you to go through the process, open the page which one you wish to copy or to save in your computer, go to the tool menu option of the browser then proceed to the print option (if any printer is connected with the machine then recommend you to disconnect this one first otherwise this will print the document directly instead of save the file). Select the printer option of the computer that you are using, it will ask you to save the file in PDF Format. Save the file with the desired name, remember don’t change the file extension of the file otherwise it will not open. Try this I hope in this way you can able to open the web file.

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    Re: Safari: Copy or paste not working

    Hello friend,
    I need to save some of the web pages from the safari browser to my desktop window, but the problem is the browser is not allowing me to copy or paste the page from the browser into my computer. I am having the Mac OSX environment. Whenever I tried to copy the page sometimes it occurred that the browser is loses suddenly, this is the rare problem. This problem is also same for copying the image or some other file . another problem if I download any document like the word document it will not open in the machine with the office application, it says that it does not support the file that I tried to open. Why it happening? What should I do fix the issue?

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    Re: Safari: Copy or paste not working

    Also there is another way to copy the web file, copy the contents of the web page from the browser and paste the whole contents in the Microsoft office application or into the Notepad application, and save the file with the suitable name. I also had the similar issue with the copy or paste the file from the browser then I found this technique and believe me this is works. One problem will occur that some of the web content format or the symbols might be not supported with the office or the notepad for that you can choose the option which is known as “Line Feed”, this will arrange all the lines of the paragraph which you copy form the web-site. This option is very much useful while you are copying the coding. This technique is useful if no option is works to copy or paste the web pages.

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