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Thread: Facing problem in huawei E1550

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    Facing problem in huawei E1550

    currently I am facing lots of issue with my huawei modem of e1550 actually in this after I improve the firmware from version 11.608.12.04.21 to version 11.608.09.01.21. Regarding this I knpow that it is launched by the Australia and now it is not working in some of the country. In this my main problem is the modem is not able to become aware of the network signal. Actually, I require the firmware huawei E1550 version 11.608.09.01.21 to resolve my trouble. So please help me.

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    Re: Facing problem in huawei E1550

    Here I wish that the huawei staff start on the huawei e1550 firmware to resolve this trouble, for the reason that the majority of users in my country also have similar difficulty with me later than upgrade firmware huawei E1550 from version 11.608.09.01.21 to 11.608.12.04.21 which is launched by 3 Australia. I consider that almost user of huawei e1550 have the similar problem with me. So, I as client require the most excellent answer from staff huawei for the reason that this is snooping difficulty that related the huawei brand image. So help me.

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    Re: Facing problem in huawei E1550

    When I was facing this issue at that time I got the solution from one of my friend and it works in my case. So I hope this will also going to help you in order to get rid from this issue. Actually after upgrade firmware you have to to install "3 Mobile Broadband", then Tools > Options > Network and make sure "Enable National Roaming" & "Enable International roaming" and after this you just switch on 2G+3G. I hope you will able to fix your issue.

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    Re: Facing problem in huawei E1550

    Like you people I am also going through the same situation and in order to get rid from this issue I have tried to contact the huawei but I am not get succeed in this. Then I have mailed them but till now I did not get any of the responses from these guys, I mean here that from huawei staff. I believe the huawei staff is not be concerned with their customer.

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    Re: Facing problem in huawei E1550

    PLEASE HELP…I purchased Idea Net setter E1550 on October 2010. I just hated the product because of the speed and the costly offers. Then the next month I unlocked my Net setter successfully by myself. After that I was very happy with the product and I continued using it with Aircel sim with low cost GPRS plans. Everything was working fine until March 2011. Then on April suddenly my net setter stopped connecting to internet. That is Mobile Partner connects to the internet and shows the status of “Data Connection Established”. But on my Windows 7 it shows Internet not connected and shows a caution symbol on the Network notification area in the taskbar. I reinstalled Windows 7 on my computer several times and tried but again the same I got. I even locked the Net setter and unlocked it again, and update the firmware also, but all in vain. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP.

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