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Thread: How to fix the Content Advisor.

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    How to fix the Content Advisor.

    Hello friends, I have got a problem can someone please help me sort out this problem. I want to remove the content advisor password and I do not know how to change it. I also want to reset the program to its original state. I am using internet explorer and having windows as an OS. Can some one give me a quick response from any one of you.

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    Re: How to fix the Content Advisor.

    If you want to remove the password of the Content Advisor and want to reset in the original state than you have to follow these steps.
    • Click on Start and choose Run.
    • In the text box type RegEdit and select OK.
    • Now click on the little plus sign to the left of H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
    • Continue to drill down, always clicking on the plus sign at the left of the named key, through Software, Microsoft, Windows, Current Version and Policies.
    • Now click on the Ratings folder.
    • In the right pane of the RegEdit window, you'll see an icon called Key. Click on it and press Delete.
    • Next, choose Registry and then press Exit to exit RegEdit. You've just deleted your original Content Advisor password.
    • Restart the computer and run Internet Explorer again.
    • Select view and then click on internet options.
    • Now Click on the Content tab and click on Disable option button.This will disable Content Advisor because there's no longer a password.

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    Re: How to fix the Content Advisor.

    Internet Explorer has a special feature called Content Advisor that allows supervisors to restrict the web sites that the users browses.
    The supervisor can set a password in order to prevent from other users from changing the Content Advisor properties.
    You have not mentioned why you want to change the password . If you have forgotten the password, you cannot change the Content Advisor properties in the regular way. The simplest way to solve this problem is to delete the password in the Registry. This is the only way out if you want to change the password.

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    Re: How to fix the Content Advisor.

    Hey I am also facing the same problem but in a slightly different manner. My problem is that I have not forgotten the password but i just want to change it. I have followed the steps which are given in the above post but when I reach to step 5 it is giving me some error. I really dont know what the problem really is but I guess that its some "missing information error" . I have tried many times but i am continuously getting the same error. Is that my windows is corrupted or something else, please help me to sort this problem.

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    Re: How to fix the Content Advisor.

    This problem is usually encountered when the Ratings.pol file goes missing or it gets damaged. You can follow these steps and see if it helps you to solve your problem.
    • Quit Internet Explorer>Go to My Computer>Click on Tools, Folder Options
    • Click on the View tab and make sure "Show hidden files and folders" is selected
    • Double click on Drive C in My Computer
    • Double click on the Windows folder and then double click on the System folder
    • Search for the file RATINGS.POL and right click on it and choose Rename. Rename it to RATINGS.OLD
    • Close out of the open Windows and then reopen Internet Explorer
    • Click on Tools, Internet Options>Click on the Content tab, then click on Settings
    • Select the Ratings options you would like and click Ok and close out of Internet Explorer
    • Then again start the Internet Explorer and this time it has to work.

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