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Thread: Windows 7 internet connected to apple air but the page is not opening.

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    Windows 7 internet connected to apple air but the page is not opening.

    I am Not sure what I have done incorrect but my Apple Air connect to my internet connection at what time I am using windows 7 however the page will not open. Why does my Apple Air always connect to the internet by the use of WiFi but page cannot opened , which sits on the same desk as does.The Apple Air to my home network, but it is not capable to access the internet connection but net was connected the page cannot display. System can show me message “page cannot display”. Any help very much for this solution.

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    Re: Windows 7 internet connected to apple air but the page is not opening.

    what do you mean the page will not appear. You mean the web browser won't appear and page cannot open when you are on apple air. This is problem of browser. You are using safari, internet explorer,and Mozilla Firefox. You have your Apple Air to hand but you get the Explorer page among a error message "Cannot display page". It is in detail linked to the internet but as above page does not display. Sometimes internet explorer cannot open the page. For the cause that a few time explorer cannot install properly that’s why you face this problem. You install net browser properly. You try it reinstall net browser.

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    Re: Windows 7 internet connected to apple air but the page is not opening.

    You may try the subsequent fixes (probably in this order):
    change around Explorer (Click Explorer at the top left, click Reset Explorer , and make sure all the boxes are check NOTE: This will remove any auto fill up information you have store as well as your browsing history.) confirm your Date & Time. (If the date and time on your computer is extra than a few hours off of the real time, your wireless router may not agree to the computer to validate to the internet. If your Date & Time is wrong you can fix it by going to System preference and click Date & Time proper.Try reinstalling Explorer. (You can download it for free from official site. as you perceptibly cannot do this directly from your Apple Air, you may need to download it onto your system, then move it over on a flash drive or via target mode.)

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    Re: Windows 7 internet connected to apple air but the page is not opening.

    You Try to reinstalling the Operating system. Reinstalling the whole operating system may fix the trouble. You will desire to back up at least your home folder(s) (user folders) previous to doing so. If likely you may try an records and install initial but this will only work if you have sufficient space on your hard disk to copy your user folders and then remove them. To records and install, click options on the base left corner of the window previous to you install from the system discs. Resetting Explorer clears out the cache of websites. These cache can slow down the internet connection and finally halt it altogether. You know that it doesn't at primary seem like it could bring to a stop the computer from connecting to the internet, but I work with Apple Air, and a lot of times I have seen the problem completely fixed simply by resetting Explorer. Definitely page can be display.

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