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Thread: Wifi device not working on my computer

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    Wifi device not working on my computer

    I have some problem of internet connection with wireless network. I brought new wifi device correlation. I am using a windows 2000 operating system on my computer. which the wireless internet relationship network can has stopped working. Wireless device can’t connect toward internet connection. I’ll many times re plugged the device. After this device be not connected. I am already update the drivers for wireless tool My computer can’t show the network link have been to several that I know have wifi and no networks. After the update drivers wireless device cannot the show the relation. How can I do connect the my wifi device. Help me solved this device problem.

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    Re: Wifi device not working on my computer

    I have recently brought the new linksys wireless devices. The router cannot connect to with my computer but the. I can’t install the devices drivers in my computer. for the reason that my computer with out the drivers cannot accept t to computer. First you fix the drivers previous to the use wifi device. The good suggestion is you very soon change the operating system. I suggest you use windows 2000 better than use windows XP or windows 7. be very to use join the wifi device. You went to install from starting to end the settings as much because your router be able to accept the all new setting.

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    Re: Wifi device not working on my computer

    I have recently acquire a new wireless router. Faced the same problem with my computer cannot connect the new devices. But I solved the problem. You now follow this technique to connect to your router. This is the majority of problem be drivers can desire to run the devices. Router drivers only accepted the windows XP and window 7 operating system. For the install the drivers you can not would like to reinstall all the setting. You just setup your device drivers on your computer and to make use of to plug your wireless adapter.

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    Re: Wifi device not working on my computer

    I will try getting free of the device. You bitterly do not the install correct drivers. You just establish the driver correctly and made-up device in your PC I giving in the direction of you good idea to be valid your drivers happening on the window XP and window 7. Drivers can speedily established it source after you plug your wifi device. But after the you be able to not the connect web connection. You just go to Linksys authorized site and obtain the drivers designed for your Linksys modal.

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    Re: Wifi device not working on my computer

    I am having a lot of problems setting my PC on the wireless internet relationship at home. It also do not works well wireless on your PC. but I am have problems with my computer. I giving you excellent idea for get the proper drivers for your computer. You go to the Linksys official site you copied info in the DNS, you absolutely get the perfect drivers for your PC. You just find your type your modal no and get the driver for your router and install properly among after attach your device. And your computer can restart automatically and device be able to ready to use.

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