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Thread: ActiveSync Appointments Sync Failure

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    ActiveSync Appointments Sync Failure

    Hi all,

    I have added 2 appointments in my Hotmail calendar with my Palm Pixi activeSync. My problem is that I am able to see that appointment in the hotmail calendar when I open that online but I cannot sync w it in Outlook 2007. I am using the outlook connector to do that. May be I don’t know the exact way to sync them. Please tell me the way to do that or is it a bug. If that is true then please tell me that how can I resolve that? Thank you in advance.

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    Re: ActiveSync Appointments Sync Failure

    If you want to know the reason for this issue or you want to solve the problem that you are facing then you have to contact the support team of Microsoft Outlook. They will definitely give you the exact answer that why you are not able or sync the calendar properly. They are the people who solves manly of the issues in a day and if I would be at your place then before doing anything else I would have contacted them and ask for the problem.

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    Re: ActiveSync Appointments Sync Failure

    Few days back, I was also facing the similar problem with my outlook. I was searching for the solution but I was not able to find the exact solution for this. After that I asked one of my friends and he told me that I have to use the SYNCING.NET for sync the calendar. It is very good software. You will be able to sync that very easily with this. After installing that if you delete any file by mistake then it will be get stored in Network Computers and you will be able to retrieve that very easily. This is very flexible software and you will find it very easy to use. I wish that it will help you.

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    Re: ActiveSync Appointments Sync Failure

    You will find many software that can be used synchronize the outlook but the important thing is that we select the software that should be easiest to use. In my opinion, I think that SynchPST will be the best software to synchronize the outlook. I am using that and therefore I know that this will be very useful for you. You can click on the below link to download the SynchPST software.

    Click here to download SynchPST.

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