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Thread: Slipstream Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Xp SP3 with nlite

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    Slipstream Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Xp SP3 with nlite

    Friends, I want to use the Slipstream IE8 W/ SP3 with nlite but I donít know the way to do that. For this I searched on many forum sites and got many solutions to do that but that were not helpful for me. Therefore I want to ask you the safest way to do that without any problem. If you know that how can I do that then please post your suggestion over here. I would also want to know that if there is anyone who face any difficulty with running Windows Update later than performing the slipstream. I will appreciate any helpful suggestion.

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    Re: Slipstream IE8 W/ SP3 with nlite

    You should make sure that you have the latest version of the nLite. You should start with the clean copy of the XP and not previously nLited. You should also not slipstream IE7 too. Make sure that first you slipstream XP SP3. I have tested it with the 32 bit version therefore I am not sure that it will work with x64 version of XP.

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    Re: Slipstream IE8 W/ SP3 with nlite

    I think that the addon will work without any problem through nLite and XP SP3 but is not a appropriate slipstream. It will just update the IE6 which is existing in your system during the installation of XP and will not replace any files. If you see in the control panel then you will find that there is option for uninstalling the IE8 and move back to IE6 or IE7 if you have made the slipstream of that.

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    Re: Slipstream IE8 W/ SP3 with nlite

    I would like to recommend you the ‘Real’ Addon. It is named as Real because it will slipstreams IE8 into the source when you run the nLite. There are many addon which run the installer out of SVCPACK at T-13. I am using an IE8 AddOn which I created and I am not having any problem with WUD. According to me if you use the 'non Real' AddOn then you will not able to updates to IE8 in the hot fix sector of nLite. I just run the IE8 update (KB968220) outside nLite's RunOnce and exit.

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    Re: Slipstream IE8 W/ SP3 with nlite

    I would like to suggest you to start with the virtual system designed for testing. You just have to place the IE8 AddOn in your nLite Hot Fix part. You have to follow the following instruction if you want to create an addon on your own. Here are the steps that you have to follow.
    1. First of all download the IE8 installer from MS DL Center.
    2. After that create an IE8 silent installer.
    3. Put the silent installer in a folder named as SVCPACK.
    4. Create an entries.ini file
    5. Move the entries.ini file and SVCPACK folder to a folder.
    6. Make a cabinet file on the previous folder.

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    Re: Slipstream Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Xp SP3 with nlite

    Hey deveritt,
    For someone who has followed your nice steps before, I'm sure they are an excellent reminder.
    But for dummies like me, would you help me please - how do I:
    1. create an IE8 silent installer?
    2. create an entries.ini file?
    3. make a cabinet file of the folder?

    Thanks in advance!

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