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Thread: Disable pop/imap on hotmail

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    Disable pop/imap on hotmail

    I use a desktop machine and it is been working with Windows XP. The issue is basically with my Hotmail account. I think someone is using my hotmail account and sending mails. I do not know what could have been causing the same. Please suggest me what could have been the reason for the same. I need the support for the same so that I can work well. Hope to get the desired solution which will be helpful and can make the things to get sort as required.

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    Re: Disable pop/imap on hotmail

    The possibility can be a spam that is been going or getting forwarded from your account. In order to get the issue to be sorted well which is needed. This can be functioned and processed well. Basically a malware causes the problem. This can be sorted by performing the task. You have to use a updated definition of the antivirus and make it work well. This will be helpful and can then function out for the change. Use the best antivirus application which will surely let to get the malware that is been affecting the system gets detected and then you can remove it out from the system. This will be helpful. So do perform the task as needed. The account would be free from spamming. Check out.

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    Re: Disable pop/imap on hotmail

    There are certain procedure through which you can make the implementation which needs to be taken into consideration. This is essential and all you need to do is to check out well by performing the task that is guided. You have to obtain the most recent virus definitions. You can visit your anti-virus company's website or call them to get more information. Be cautious about opening messages that contain links to websites. Be cautious when opening embedded links. Point your mouse cursor on the link and look at the underlying URL that displays in your browser status bar at the bottom and ensure that the URL makes sense for what the link states. Never sign-in from one of these links. If a link directs you to sign-in to a service that you use, instead go to that service by accessing the services website directly from your browser and not use the embedded link. Do not open attachments unless you are expecting them. Download the latest Microsoft updates frequently. To download the latest updates for Microsoft software. You can click on the link for getting the download. Install the same and then function.

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    Re: Disable pop/imap on hotmail

    IN order to make the service to be disabled there is a process that needs to be followed. You can make it function well that is by checking out the thing or making it work under the control panel. You can disable the POP and IMAP services in Control Panel on the system. This will prevent the server from responding to requests; also block these ports on the firewall. If you want to get cute, you can also disable the protocols within the virtual server. Also there is a tool through which you can make use of the thing. All you need to do is to try downloading and using an application called ADModify. I hope this will also let you to perform for the thing. So do work well and process as needed.

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    Re: Disable pop/imap on hotmail

    The above mentioned solution will be helpful for you. You can make the changes to be worked or get it worked. This will be helpful for you. Admodify tool will be better also the parameters that is been discussed may also let you to make the changes as required. So process for the thing as assisted. Am sure you may then be able to get change of the thing that is needed and work accordingly for sorting the issue that you are facing.

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