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Thread: My Firefox Asking to "Restore Previous Session"

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    My Firefox Asking to "Restore Previous Session"

    I have a laptop at my home. I have Mozilla Firefox browser on my system. Initially the browser was working well, but it has started showing some problem now. The problem i am facing is that the browser is asking me whether to "Restore Previous Session". It is always asking for the same. I want to know one thing that why suddenly i have started getting this problem and what is the reason for that. Is there any one who have some idea related with this issue? I would request you to provide me a help on this issue. Hope that you will do so. Thanks.

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    Re: My Firefox Asking to "Restore Previous Session"

    Even i am getting the same problem om my system. Every time i am restarting the Firefox it is asking me to choose a new session and if i restart the system and choose a new session, then i am getting the problem such as any site is not being loaded on my browser and the system shuts down and when i start it again, then it again ask to do the same thing. This cycle continues every time. What should i do now as i am not able to solve my problem. Due to this reason my all the works are being kept pending. Is there any one who can recommend me to solve this problem. I am looking for a solution now. Please provide me the fix earliest.
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    Re: My Firefox Asking to "Restore Previous Session"

    I will recommend you to do the following things on your system.
    • - Disable all the extensions
    • - Try to reinstall the Firefox again
    • - Perform the check for the viruses in the system
    • - Check your internet settings on the device
    • - Check that there is no other application open which is using the internet.
    • - Make sure that all the other browsers are not open.

    I hope that doing all this things will definitely help you.

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    Re: My Firefox Asking to "Restore Previous Session"

    I think that you should need to disable the firewall in your system, because sometime firewall do not allow the browser to access the internet, this might be the reason why you are not be able to connect to the internet.
    For disabling you need to do the following things-
    1. Click Start
    2. Click Run
    3. Type Firewall.cpl command in it and press OK.
    4. Go to general tab and click on OFF
    5. Now click on OK.

    I think you will be able to solve your problem.

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    Re: My Firefox Asking to "Restore Previous Session"

    I have tried the solution which is given above. Trying the solution did not helped me at all and i am still getting the same issue on my system. I have tried all the steps in the same way as it is mention above, but not able to solve it out. So can you recommend me some other solution in order to get this problem solved. I will be very much please if you do so.

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