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Thread: Asia, Europe face wait for Sony's Google TV

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    Asia, Europe face wait for Sony's Google TV

    I am using computer at home for general purpose and also for the entertainment. As I am using this system for study purpose too. I am using TV tuner for watching TV on the computer. I have heard that Google is planning to introduce Google TV. Is this rumor is true or it is only a publicity stunt created by some fake people. Anybody can help me on this particular topic. Also I wanted to that if this true then tell that is it started anywhere in the world or expected in few coming years. Please help me thanks in advance.

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    Re: Asia, Europe face wait for Sony's Google TV

    As I know it is not a rumor it is totally right news which you have heard. Yes Google has started this Web-surfing Google TV in the United states of America and may be in some other European countries. Google has also planned to launch the Web-surfing Google TV with Sony. But for this facility of Google we have to wait at-least one and a half year,specially in China and Japan and some other Asian countries. Sony's Web-linked TV sets, developed with Google Inc.,which is an internet based company in California. So you have to wait for this awesome feature of Google TV. I have heard that they are going to sell this TV at a reasonable prices to compete in the market.
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    Re: Asia, Europe face wait for Sony's Google TV

    As Sony is a Tokyo based company in the electronic products which produce TV, LCD, Plasma, and many more products. They are tie-up with Google and planning to launch Google TV in Asia. As Sony's Google TV shows regular TV programming as well as online content which has You tube and websites. It has some good features like they will carry out the content search on the Google which is very much similar like computer. This feature allow us to get the information about the thing which we are watching on the TV at the same time. This new application of Google is started in USA and some European countries. We have to wait for this in Asian countries.

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    Re: Asia, Europe face wait for Sony's Google TV

    Google Tv is a software and hardware platform having set top boxes and High definition TV which contains android as an operating system which can be operated by using IPTV all these are co-develop by Google , Intel, Sony and logitech. Now Google is planning to launch this Google TV with Tokyo Based electronic company Sony. Which takes minimum one year to come in the market this TV will launched in some countries of Asian continent included Japan, China, India and such as. I think this will be a great achievement by Google and Sony as well. I have only this much of information about this TV. If you want more information You can search on the Google for this.

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    Re: Asia, Europe face wait for Sony's Google TV

    Yes you are right this is not a rumor Google is co-developing this web-surfing Google TV. Which may take at-least one and a half year to launch in the market. This is an awesome achievement by Google and Sony. This TV has some great feature which I am stating below go through them.
    • It will help you to search internet content or information and TV at the same time.
    • HDMI(high definition multimedia interface) input using cable or set top box which keep the keeps the traditional programming away.
    • The Google chrome browser helps you to search the Items on the net or for the browsing.
    • You can use some Smart phones as your mobile which may be Android or apple phones. These feature are making this TV different from others.

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    Re: Asia, Europe face wait for Sony's Google TV

    Media opening report in March 2010 that the Google TV plan was beneath way, by means of the Android operating system though the associate companies did not corroborate their participation in the business enterprise until later. An Android-based set-top box that characteristic video-on-demand, Think Free Office viewer software, a browser, remote control, keyboard interface and video was shown by Western Media bridge at CES 2010.The project was publicly declare at the 2010 Google I/O meeting on May 20.Google confirmed that the new stage would be included directly into new high-definition television sets and Blu-ray players by Sony, though set-top boxes will also be developed by Logitech. The company specify that the new systems developed by Sony and Logitech will be power-driven by Intel Atom support CE4100 consumer electronics system-on-chip. It also declared that a "fully optimized" viewer understanding would be available throughout the Dish Network, though the stage will function through any supplier. In May 2010, Sony declares that it would be make public its Google-enabled Sony Internet TV product arrangement in the fall of 2010, with standalone TV models and set-top units with integrated Blu-ray drives. Google also complete that it propose for Google TV to be launched this collapse. According to B4Tea, Google TV will be initiate in October 17, 2010. For Asian countries these dates are not sure.
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