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Thread: Export email addresses from mail?

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    Export email addresses from mail?

    I want to export the email addresses on my email addresses from my email Therefore I want to know that if anyone here know that how can I export all the email addresses from Mail and for that we did a competition on our website but we want to transform the entries in to the list form. I want that the mail to store them somewhere to use that in future for auto fill feature. We have used the Quickmail earlier which was having the easy option for taking each email address for a particular inbox/outbox etc. So please tell me if I can extract the addresses and if the answer is yes then please tell em the way to do that. Thank you very much.

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    Re: Export email addresses from mail?

    Hey, it is very easy to do that. Here is what you have to do to export the email addresses. First of all click on the Windows menu and select Previous Recipients. Select that and put that into the address book as you preferred. This works for my Leopard version of Mail and I hope that it will work for you also. Some of my friends also tried this and found that working. Good Luck !!!

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    Re: Export email addresses from mail?

    I just had a push around through it and unluckily it does not let me to select any email from a specific inbox and also it does not let me to export it to my new address book. This looks like, someone is shorting through the 4000ish mails for taking the only the needed ones. And now I think that I have to backup my address book which exists and after that I have to wipe it out. After that I import the new set and export it earlier than importing my back up.

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    Re: Export email addresses from mail?

    You can follow the following to do that,. First thing that you have to do is to put all the emails to one smart folder or to one regular folder which should be in After that you have to go through each of them and just click on the sender’s name or you can also select the menu arrow which is beside the name of the sender. After that select "Add to Address Book" from the menu. All you have to do it manually but there is one benefit that you don’t have to shift from beginning to end to every email that you have received.

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    Re: Export email addresses from mail?

    You will find a small program that is available on Apple website which will help you to do that. I found this program when I was searching for the easy way to extract the emails from my Mail. It is scattered over shareware and you will be able to extract up to 100 contacts and if you go beyond that then you will have to pay 20 euros but I think that this price is worth for it because if you do it manually then you have to spend hours to do this. Just download the software named eMail Extractor from the link provided below and you will be able to do that. I am already using this and I found it is very helpful and you should also try this.

    Download eMail Extractor
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    Re: Export email addresses from mail?

    I am agreeing with deveritt. I was also searching for the same solution and then one of my friends suggested me to use email Extractor from Apple. And I downloaded that and installed it to my computer and did the following to extract the email addresses.
    1. First of all I opened the email Extractor program.
    2. Now in the finder Window, I navigated to ~/Library/Mail, where ~ which is my home folder.
    3. After that I just dragged each mailbox files to Extractor Window.

    It was really so simple. Using eMail Extractor, I have extracted about 6000 email addresses. My suggestion to you is that to try the email Extractor and I am sure that you will also be able to do this easily.
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