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Thread: Does IE9 work with silverlight?

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    Does IE9 work with silverlight?

    I have been using the internet explorer from last many years.. But i came to know that IE 9 is about to release and now i have a query regarding the silverlight software.. I want to ask whether the silverlight software work with the latest IE9 or not..So please tell me whether i can use that silverlight software with internet explorer 9 or not...Please help me...I dont have any idea about this thing because i have never used the silverlight software before or even dont have any idea about its compatibility with the Internet Explorer 9.. I guess you must have understood my problem and will give a proper solution for this as well..... Thanks in advance.. Please try to give the solution as early as possible as i am very eager to know what exactly it is and how does it work.. I hope you will provide a good and proper answer for this query. And also provide some solution on its free downloadable file and provide some information on how to use it..
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    re: Does IE9 work with silverlight?

    Yesterday only i downloaded the new IE9 beta version and then I tried to run my silverlight application to check whether it is working properly or not.. And if at all it is not working properly what is the solution for solving the query... However the application didnt work but it gave a message that it needs to install the plug in . Although the plug in is already been installed on my computer. But with other browsers, I don't have to face any problem with that. After that i removed the plug in and then reinstalled it, but still i got the same problem and i was stuck... Now i think that silverlight does not work with IE9.. And the silverlight application is not able to work properly with the internet explorer 9 version.. But still you can again confirm to other posts because it was my experience of using the can also try to use it..
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    re: Does IE9 work with silverlight?

    I have installed the small silverlight 3 application with some of the pages using the silverlight navigation framework application. I get each page called from a different webpage every time and it uses the same URL with a anchor sign on it to specify that the page is loading. This application works on my computer machine by using both the firefox and internet explorer as i expect .. But when I try to publish this application to a windows 2008 server,and after executing the silverlight application it got executed on my machine when i used it on my firefox it worked but when i tried the same on the internet explorer 9 it didnt work.. I dont know what the problem is with this application... It works with the mozilla firefox but doesnt work with the internet explorer 9.. Their may be problem with its framework due to which it is not able to work properly..
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    re: Does IE9 work with silverlight?

    Hey guys you can try for reinstalling the software again.. Due to some reason the software may be failing .. And if the software fails this software application (silverlight application) may not be working properly and due to this it may be showing the errors and you may not be able to use the silverlight application.. So you can try for the software reloading or just try for the updation of the software.. Because even if its one file is corrupted you may not be able to access the silverlight application . So i suggest that you can try for updation of the software or for the reloading of the software all over again.. After that your problem will be solved for sure.. One of my friend tried this trick and it worked ... You guys can also try for this.. I am sure that this information will help you.. You can also check all the files which is been installed in your folder where you have stored the silver application system files. Whether it is proper or not... Just have it checked..
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