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Thread: Huawei E1550 windows 7

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    Huawei E1550 windows 7

    I have bought a new laptop on which i would like to have an internet connection. How would be using Huawei E1550 on Dell laptop? I have heard that this modem works great but still i would like to know about it. So can you guys provide me some real facts about this modem.

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    Re: Huawei E1550 windows 7

    HuaweiE1550 replaces HuaweiE156G/E160G . E156G and E160G are Going end of life. E1550 will be available freely in the acquisition. Specifications wise the e1550 are exactly the same as the E156G with one exception , there is no external antenna interface on the e1550. Supports download speeds up to 3.6Mbps e1550 and download speeds up to 384kbps. The e1550 comes with a USB cable that can be used to improve performance in areas with poor coverage. E1550 also has a convenient exhaustion set in the hat so customers do not loosen .

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    Re: Huawei E1550 windows 7

    E1550 is a modem PlugnPlayfunctionality 3.6 with the Connection Manager is auto installed when the modem is connected to the computer for the first time. E1550 supports all major operating systems including Windows Vista and Mac OSX. Exhaustion set in hat minimizes the chance of loosening the cap. The usbcable included in the box, can be used to improved performance in areas with poor network coverage.

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    Re: Huawei E1550 windows 7

    The modem Huawei e1550 is detected as a storage device can therefore change the way the key, you must install the package usb_modeswitch.
    • Open the Terminal (Applications → Accessories → Terminal or Alt + F2 and type " gnome - terminal ")
    • Type " sudo -s " and enter your password.
    • type " nano / etc / wvdial.conf "and then paste the info in the file:

    [ Dialer iam ]
    Modem Type = Analog Modem
    Modem = / dev/ttyUSB0
    Stupid Mode = 1
    Phone = * 99 #
    Username = gprs
    Password = gprs

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    Re: Huawei E1550 windows 7

    Do you know if you have the HUAWEI 3G Modem E1550You can use the chip to connect with your smartphone? For this , you just put the SIM card in your smartphone 3G modem and add the access point : Menu > Settings > Connectivity> Destinations > Access Point, New. It'll more than choosing the new access point to connect to your mobile if the battery in your laptop you coward The only drawback of this method is that you can neither make nor receive calls with this chip. Feel free to enrich this post with your comments , sharing settings for other models of smartphones and 3G modems.

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