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Thread: Windows 7 Problem: Firefox hangs frequently

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    Windows 7 Problem: Firefox hangs frequently

    On my computer I was having Windows Vista as the only operating system. Everything was running smooth on the system, no problem with the browsers or during the surfing. Now I have switched from Vista to Windows 7. Now the smoothness has changed to roughness. On the Vista Firefox was not hanging at all, but know it hangs a lot. The only solution to get the browser out of the hanging situation is complete reboot of the system. Please help.

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    Re: Windows 7 Problem: Firefox hangs frequently

    In the same situation, the browser was running well on Windows XP of mine, but when I turned to Windows 7, the browser started to hang. Well my problem is somewhat more severe, when I close the, browser it still runs in the background and I can see it in the task manager. When I kill the browser in the Task Manager, then I can not start the browser. Al then I have to do is restart the system again. I have observed a similar case with the thunderbird. I have never seen this when I was using Windows XP. Any suggestions.

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    Re: Windows 7 Problem: Firefox hangs frequently

    I have seen lots of post discussing the same issues, regarding the Firefox and Windows 7. Well yet no one has turned up with any kind of solution or suggestion in this context. Well I will try contacting the tech-support of Mozilla and Microsoft and see if they can come up with something. Can you just tell me regarding the Firewall settings of your system. Have you all made any kind of changes with it. Post regarding the Firewall settings of yours.

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    Re: Windows 7 Problem: Firefox hangs frequently

    No, I have not performed any experiment with the Firewall settings of the system. It is simple and the Standard Windows 7 firewall. Well I was not knowing that there were discussions going regarding this issues. I thought I was the first one to experience this case. Well as the browser(Firefox) was working well with Vista isn't it because of the new operating system(Windows 7). This is just a guess. I will wait for the further replies from your side.

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    Re: Windows 7 Problem: Firefox hangs frequently

    Yes, it might be Windows 7 that is causing the problem, but it may also be because of the browser. The incompatibility issues may have risen. I would only suggest you to go for the Clean Installation of the Firefox browser, for Windows 7. At first download the Firefox installer from, the official website of Mozilla. Please try avoiding the extra stuffs that will accompany this download. After this close your Firefox. Now delete Firefox from the installation directory, this should remove the previous components of Mozilla Firefox. After all this re-start the system, and then install Firefox using the installer that you just downloaded. You should try this and see if there is any difference.

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    Re: Windows 7 Problem: Firefox hangs frequently

    The problem is not Windows 7 , the problem is within Firefox 7, and it is because of the network.http.max-connections that were set to 256 , and that is way to much. You need to change it to 48, follow this steps
    In the address bar, type about:config
    If it shows up, click on I’ll be careful
    Filter for network.http.max-connections
    Click on network.http.max-connections
    Change this from 256 to 48
    Restart Firefox

    Hope it helps

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