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Thread: Winmail Stops working after this update KB978542

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    Winmail Stops working after this update KB978542

    Hi guys ! I am working on windows 7 operating system and got some issuees after some changes .. Actually, i was using this for a long time and windows mail suddenly stopped functioning on the windows 7 operating system after making some updates recently .. I am not sure that what is going on currently . I click on it and figured out that nothing happens. Do you have any suggestion,what am I doing wrong !!!!

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    Re: Winmail Sttops working after this update KB978542

    If you really mentioned that Windows Mail from Vista. Now , you indicated the same , mine was not functioning right either. When I launched the same, it should have finish the downloading of some messages, because it played the new mail sound, but I could not get anything after that.

    So, I terminated this within the Task Manager after then copied entire files back over from a backup directory and it move properly now. This is the fine thing to keep a backup copy of the files, as they have been replaced by making updates or having sfc ,etc.

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    Re: Winmail Sttops working after this update KB978542

    I tried to figured out the issue regarding this . You have to go for the 1/19/2008 version of msoe.dll. According to me, this is the newly released and available update that is capable to change the file. I have changed the name with the new specified version (date tagged as 3/4/2010) and copied my previously stored Vista version back within the C:\Program Files\Windows Mail folder, and Mail started right up.

    I think that I don't have to move again with the same process after going through every Windows Update in the future.

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    Re: Winmail Sttops working after this update KB978542

    Microsoft contains a billion differentiations of windows files and the third party programs to check when vetting the updates. It is not running with the enough period to check out the combinations of programs where the users are running with the hacked in the DLLs from different versions of windows which are not assumes as to be placed there.

    It is exactly the similar updating any Linux distro. If you are running with self compiled drivers or associated DLLs which did not provided with the distro, don't be surprised of a kernel update cleans them entirely

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    Re: Winmail Sttops working after this update KB978542

    The currently upgraded patches of the security KB978542 have broken the WinMail with two of my users who are having 64bit compliant version of Windows 7 Home Edition Premium . The process Winmail.exe is executing in the background but I am not getting any graphic user interface there . To resolve this out , I need to go for the uninstallation of patch and to have this hidden within the Windows Update. Was this patch is appropriate and tested ?

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