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Thread: Install Google Chrome Menu Bar.

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    Install Google Chrome Menu Bar.

    I have installed Windows 7 operating system on my computer and i am using Google Chrome browser on my windows 7 system. I wish to have Menu Bar on my google chrome so can anybody tell me that how can i install Menu Bar on Google Chrome.

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    Re: Install Google Chrome Menu Bar.

    I think the Google Chrome does not have a menu bar as it is been provided with all the options on the right side of the windows. There are only two menus on the right side from where you can also download and install the menu bar for your google chrome browser.

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    Re: Install Google Chrome Menu Bar.

    1. Click the Tools tools menu menu.
    2. Select Options.
    3. Click the Basics tab.
    4. In the "Home page" section, set your home page:
    • You can use the New Tab page, which is pre-populated with links to your most visited sites and recently closed tabs and windows. To use this page as your home page, select "Use the New Tab page."
    • To use a different webpage, select "Open this page," then enter the web address of the page you want to use.

    5. To add a home button to the browser toolbar, select the "Show Home button" checkbox.
    6. To see your home page every time you open Google Chrome, select "Open the home page" in the "On startup" section.
    7. Click Close.

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    Re: Install Google Chrome Menu Bar.

    According to me, Google have just made a browser to keep himself in the market of of browser but then i guess they have forgot to keep on update their browser's features and compatibility. I think there is no way to get the menu bar in the google chrome browser which is just unsatisfactory thing in Menu Bar in any software or application is most useful thing.

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