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Thread: Access my WHS with FTP

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    Access my WHS with FTP

    What should I do to access my WHS with FTP? My new WHS is working properly, But I am facing a problem. My work computer is too good. It is glued from the IT- administration, So it is not possible to install the specific connector or find out WHS in My Network Places. Is there another way to transfer the file to WHS. Is it possible for the setup to access the WHS with FTP?

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    Re: Access my WHS with FTP

    I am very careful connecting my home WHS, I do work on trusted network. We can access the files via the web interfaces. It can also be possible to access my WHS with the FTP, After installing the FTP service, To install the FTP service follow the steps which is given bellow-
    1. Go to all programs, select start menu then click on the control panel.
    2. Let double click on Add or Remove programs, There will a Add/Remove Windows Components option on the left pane.
    3. Appears the list of component, Choose component list option, Then click Application Server and details.
    4. Select the Internet Information Services list and do the select on the FTP check box. Click ok.
    5. Select Finish
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    Re: Access my WHS with FTP

    Creating an FTP server is too good and there is a lot of merits, FTP server will be created on the windows home server. Everyone has ability to upload and download from the WHS. Synchronization of the file can be possible due to FTP server on WHS. Therefore the setup of the FTP server is important for me. First I choose FileZilla , Because it is a setup and we can maintain easily and freely. It is also included IIS file server for the security purpose. All the work is done on the WHS desktop So initializing remote desktop to server is being working. To install FileZilla server with the help of all default options, creating a directory in the c drive, We are choosing c drive because of root, called the FTP users. After completion to installation ,we need to execute to connect the server application ,I can interface with FileZilla.
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    Re: Access my WHS with FTP

    Access WHS with FTP also depends upon the transfer speed. There is shipping version of WHS uses windows 2003 server ,which base is 2003.Right now vista/windows7/server improved in the beta version of WHS, Which uses windows server 2008 as its base. To increase speed out of it filezilla to expand some of the tcp window settings. To the configure your FTP server click the edit option choose settings.
    There is a tree on left and in that tree will see the select Passive Mode Settings option , choose this option.
    Choose Use the Following IP radio button and locates your WHS, Give the URL.
    Then seems Use Custom Port Range option and Check the check box. we can use the port range 50000 50100 till.

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