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Thread: Trouble opening emails

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    Trouble opening emails

    My problem is weird! For months, from my computer, impossible to go check my emails on Hotmail? cons on the computer by my son who is next: no problem. why is that? one to date has managed to solve this problem !!!!! This is not a problem very annoying because, fortunately I IncrediMail allows me to check my emails but look wrong! Waiting for your valuable feedback Thanks..

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    Re: Trouble opening emails

    Sounds like this is due to your browser and i think it can be resolved by installing the Mozilla Firefox or Mail Messenger I like Mozilla Firefox but from what I've seen I think it looks like something to do with the basic version and complete the basic hotmail is what keeps us from opening messages rather do anything but the full version (the Quie can open with Mozilla Firefox) if it and let the internet explorer!

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    Re: Trouble opening emails

    I too had experienced this problem and the problem was that with the internet explorer browser actually the browser was not supporting hotmail so i uninstalled the browser and reinstalled it on my system i think that the problem was because of some scripts after that i installed the Mozilla Firefox and after the installation of Mozilla Firefox i have not experienced such error again.

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    Re: Trouble opening emails

    So a large number of users are affected by this problem. It should create a confederation. My problem still persists even installed mozilla Firefox 3.6.8 whichi think is the latest version. Best to miss this would look navigator and free software support. And I do not want to know more than microsoft. Down monopolies. We must be free. Thanks in advance.

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