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Thread: Exchange 2003 Mailbox Full issue

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    Exchange 2003 Mailbox Full issue

    I am getting an error message that my mailbox is full. When I checked the Exchange limits and found that all Exchange limits are set to unlimited also the global settings and user settings are set to global.I have also checked the size of the mailbox and it's large. I have also tried to change the user Exchange settings and now I can not receive emails at all. Any help for this problem is welcomed.

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    Re: Exchange 2003 Mailbox Full issue

    Try doing this, empty your mailbox, both deleted and recoverable deleted items. Then log off your system. After all this is done try to run(force) AD synch at the server. Wait for atleast 5 minutes and this should help you out. Also have a good look at your SPAM folder and if some junks are present then delete the contents of it.

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    Re: Exchange 2003 Mailbox Full issue

    Configure the outlook profile such that emails get delivered to PST file. If yet the error persists and you do not get any solutions even after checking for various settings like global setting and user settings move all the emails to PST file and delete the mailbox and recreate a new one.Before creating a new one make sure that the old one does perish.
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    Re: Exchange 2003 Mailbox Full issue

    I had the same problem and would like to share the solution here I had some messages with no big attachment in my mailbox for eg. 20 messages but when I looked at the Exchange System Manager it was showing something else i.e. around 600 messages at 178565KB.

    Then after checking size of the mailbox I ran the mailbox cleanup from the tools menu. I did this twice and it showed an empty deleted Items folder and the mailbox size showed the actual size.

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