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Thread: Free Network Monitor from Microsoft

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    Free Network Monitor from Microsoft

    Brief Description :
    An alternative to "Wireshark" comes with the "Network Monitor" from Microsoft. n order to monitor the traffic in the network, users access the most to "Wireshark". Less is known, however, the "Network Monitor" from Microsoft. The software is also free and offers informative and easy parsing functions. The program was previously only in the "System Management Server"is available, the new version 3.2, but for everyone 's free to move in from the network.

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    Re: Free Network Monitor from Microsoft

    Network Monitor is relatively easy to understand. Before one can intercept and capture packets, you have the settings in which network interface to be monitored. Subsequently, by pressing "start" a new capture file will be created. Network Traffic Monitor tried the recorded immediately assigned to a corresponding application. This makes it easy for users to recognize what program to the Internet to communicate - or this program sends the information.

    Together with the Network Monitor is a parser function. Here begin the analysis select a suitable profile. From house are the profiles of High Performance Computing, Default, Faster parsing and Windows are available. The parsers are written in the language of NPL, which allows users to write entirely your own parser or supplied to its own requirements to adapt. Information, as well as the APIs are found in the included help.

    CW Conclusion :
    Compared with the Microsoft Network Monitor provides Wireshark in some places a much clearer user interface. Particularly useful are the direct analysis of network flow and assignment to the various programs. Thus, even an inexperienced user can see quickly whether an application receives unwanted contact with the outside world.

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