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Thread: Gmail Contacts to Skype Import or Sync

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    Gmail Contacts to Skype Import or Sync

    I just downloaded the latest version of Skype and I would like to know how to import the numbers of some of my contacts from address book and also my Gmail contacts. There is an option 'Import from address book "but the program asks me to add a 00 or 33 before all the numbers for some of my contacts ... (Doing it for 400 contacts, it will not be easy. ) So if anyone has a solution Gmail Contacts to Skype Import or Sync then please let me know.

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    Re: Gmail Contacts to Skype Import or Sync

    You should actually take the folder" Skype "located here" C: \ Documents and Settings "YOUR USER NAME" Application DataSkype “and to transit from one computer to another. Effective but not a bit heavy or comments they say in English "in a not very user-friendly way". I learn that there is a solution online at Jyve but I think we can just import your contacts on Jyve and view them online but not export them “Feature Request: Contact List should "follow you ", including the message of" Carleton ").

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    Re: Gmail Contacts to Skype Import or Sync

    I have been using, but every sync, Outlook updates my contacts and duplicate all my contacts. Basically I have 100 contacts in Outlook (I deleted all Gmail contacts) Synchronisation1 The 100 contacts appear in Gmail and on the phone then. In Gmail, I reclassified the categories because import does not retain my Outlook. And at the next sync, the app is good to update my mods Outlook, but I re-import all my contacts (as seen in Gmail, I've modified (assignment to categories) so I'm left with 200 contacts with Outlook. Top of that I want to synchronize with the Skype, can anyone help me with this problem.

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    Re: Gmail Contacts to Skype Import or Sync

    According to me the worst thing is that when Outlook is important those of Gmail, it gives me loose without category either. You can turn off updates for Outlook from Gmail, but in this case, if I make a modify via my phone on my directory it will not be taken into account in Outlook. In short I am also looking for the solution for this problem.

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    Re: Gmail Contacts to Skype Import or Sync


    You can try Synqit for importing contacts into Skype. Synqit also support phone number converting.

    Regards, Andrej

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