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Thread: Skype access violation

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    Skype access violation

    I have recently upgraded to Skype and received a runtime error when i was using this . When I clicked on the "Make your free phone call to an ordinary phone" and entered the number "+354 *******",and then exit from that window without any different activities I received :

    "Access violation at address 00404856 in module 'Skype.exe'. Read of address 0000098C.".

    I can then repeat the same while the small message pop up was displaying but after I quit from that I did not received the error again. And when I finally quit from the Skype then after I just received the "Runtime error 216 at 004049E8".

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    Re: Skype access violation

    One of my friend also having the similar issues when she is working on the same application. Whenever she dial up a skype out call, she receives the error message as stated below . The call actually moves through, but the error seems very weired . She always use the skype entire day for business calls. I would be very curious to know the solution for the same . This is not skype free by the way. I have paid for this 'service'.

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    Re: Skype access violation

    Exact issue as Shin-Chen - with mine with the same access violation address and section (skype.exe) except this is at read at address 65577375. The fix is a little cumbersome and specially if you continuously going through the calls to various contacts . I first associated the contact number into my contacts, then choose directly from the location specification .

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: Skype.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 4bebfa84
    Fault Module Name: Skype.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 4bebfa84
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 000ef1ac
    OS Version: 6.0.6002.
    Locale ID: 3076
    Additional Information 1: f587
    Additional Information 2: 67a68c51ce6767eb28d6bfd8a76c879e
    Additional Information 3: 4d6c
    Additional Information 4: d43b4f203fa0fd437da64009874aae71

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    Re: Skype access violation

    I was running with the same issue and I have recently fixed this issue. Initially , uninstall the program in the common way. Then, I move with the "search" to search for entire files with file names having word "skype" (you have to search for the same also within the hidden directories). I have removed all these. Then I have done the reinstallation of the program and all of things is fine.

    One thing, i wanted to mention here , Just be careful to take a better backup of the relative details (Addresses, Messages) before you try the above.

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    Re: Skype access violation

    Hi guys ! I have resolved the issue now and I hope, it will be helpful for you. You have to disable the file execution configuration means the data execution that restricts the execution of the skype.exe for any inappropriate activity - an AMD only feature. System Properties => Advanced => Performance Settings => Data Execution Prevention...

    Choose the optional radio button. Click on the add button and then search the skype.exe from the directory and add it now .That's it..

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    For me it turned out to be an antivirus problem.

    Mcafee virus scan had an option for unwanted programs, i disabled that but i think it was the option for blocking mirc which caused the problem.

    Actually scratch that, skype started crashing again.

    Ended up uninstalling and installing an older version of skype (

    After install the first time i tried logging in it took ages for skype to connect. I assume it was looking for old servers or something.

    Otherwise so far so good

    The computer is pretty old but still runs fine, i suspect its some kind of driver issue.

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    Re: Skype access violation

    I am also facing a similar issue with this. In my case at first I had removed the software and then re-installed the same back again. It is due to some hidden folders which are left behind in Skype and you have to delete them completely. The folders for the same are located in Program Files. Also if possible you might need to remove all the files related to skype form Documents & Settings > Application Data.

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