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Thread: Best iPhone and iPod Touch Telecom Applications

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    Best iPhone and iPod Touch Telecom Applications

    1. textPlus

    Free AND unlimited messaging - regular text or app to app - 1 to 1 or in groups, and it’s the ONLY app with Mobile Social Communities.

    • Free, unlimited texts: textPlus is committed to providing unlimited, free texting through this ad-sponsored app, with no limit to how many messages you can send or receive.
    • Text from your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad: No cell plan, no number required. Your textPlus address (username) makes having a cell number unnecessary. Your friends can text you first, even if they don't have textPlus!
    • Group text with ANY phone: Easily add a friend or two, and unlike some other apps, you can group chat with ANY phone, and everyone gets all the replies.
    • Build Communities: Start group text conversations for work, school or social circles. Name it, save it and invite others to join it.

    2. AT&T myWireless Mobile

    AT&T myWireless Mobile allows you to manage your AT&T wireless account from your iPhone or iPod Touch devices.

    With this application (portrait view only), you’ll be able to manage account functions including:
    • Viewing and paying your bill
    • Viewing voice minutes and data usage
    • Adding or removing features

    • You must have an active AT&T Mobility account that is registered for online account management to use this application. If you’re not already registered, visit to register and then download the AT&T myWireless Mobile application.
    • AT&T myWireless Mobile does not support Premier business accounts or GoPhone/prepaid accounts.

    3. FriendCaller 3 Pro

    Now you can make VoIP calls over 3G and WiFi! FriendCaller provides free calls and instant messages to anyone else on the Internet. They don’t have to sign up before talking to you for free. You can also call landlines and mobile phones around the globe with high quality at low cost.

    Talk to all your friends instantly for free! With FriendCaller you can access your iPhone contact list and initiate calls in 3G, Edge, GPRS or WiFi by emailing our patent pending instant call-me links.

    FriendCaller links work without software installation and operate with any browser on Windows XP/Vista, MAC OS X and Linux. It is also available as a stand-alone application on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android.

    Your friends just open the link to call you instantly for free when you're in a WiFi zone, or you can add call credit and forward their calls to any phone number including your iPhone/iPod Touch.

    TIP: Post your call-me link in any AIM, Skype, Google Talk chat on your blog or Facebook profile.

    FriendCaller turns your iPhone and iPod turns into a full-featured WiFi VoIP-phone, allowing free VoIP calls and low-cost calls to landlines and mobile phones around the globe.

    Add call credit to call phone numbers through the in App purchase or on FriendCaller.

    • Free VoIP calls to anybody on the Internet over WiFi and 3G
    • Send and receive Push and Instant Messages in 3G, Edge, GPRS or WiFi (IM requires port 5060)
    • Forward incoming FriendCaller calls to your iPhone number when offline
    • Low cost VoIP calls to phone numbers over WiFi
    • Call Cost are charged by minute, you can check the cost before calling
    • No additional "connection charges", no "call set-up fees", no roaming charges for VoIP calls, no minimum monthly revenue, no subscriptions
    • Call-me links work instantly on Windows XP/Vista, MAC OS X and Linux (patent pending)

    4. Textfree Unlimited


    Plus it’s the only texting app that gives you a real phone number, even on an iPod touch!

    • Only texting app that gives you a phone number.
    • Only texting app where texts DON’T come from a weird number or email address.
    • Only texting app that supports ALL US carriers.
    • Highest-rated, fastest and most reliable text app.
    • Later this summer, you’ll be able to make and receive phone calls with Textfree, too!
    • Get notified of texts when you’re not in the app.

    • Texting on real phone numbers costs real money, so Textfree Unlimited has a few ads. If you really hate ads, you have the option to buy them out.

    • You’ll get a “missed call” notification in Textfree with their caller ID number. Cool!

    • Yes, friends can text your iPod touch or iPhone directly using your Textfree phone number or your unique

    • Sure, just make sure you’re on WiFi, then you can exchange messages without a phone!

    • Your friends not on Textfree pay regular charges for texts sent and received--nothing extra.

    Was this information helpful to you? Are you looking for some other type of iPhone and iPod Touch applications? There is are the best iPhone and iPod Touch Apps.

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    Re: Best iPhone and iPod Touch Telecom Applications

    Well this post is quite old b and now there are many new application launched here including the best one and I am sure that the latest application for iPad touch that too the telecom one and I am sure that they will to better.

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