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Thread: How to download torrents faster?

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    How to download torrents faster?

    I am using the uTorrent and getting screwed with the downloading speed of the torrents. Anyhow I want to increase the speed of downloading. I have tried to do lot of things but still the same problem is persisting. I am getting the speed properly while browsing and downloading directly but when I am using uTorrent the speed gets lowered. So I am expecting a ample of help from your side. Please tell me how to download torrents faster?

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    Re: How to download torrents faster?

    One of the easiest and most straightforward to increase the download speed is to add our program BitTorrent to the list of exceptions. Since the system is based on shared affect significantly if not shared properly. The next logical step after going through the firewall is to open the ports used by our client BitTorrent. The ideal is to link the client to a static port and redirect from the router or modem.

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    Re: How to download torrents faster?

    Windows limits the maximum number of TCP / IP, you can have at a time around 10. This is to put a limit to malicious programs that try to download from the Internet, but significantly limits the download speed. Ideally, the customer gives us the option of increasing the number of open connections. So I would like to recommend you to maximum your open connections. I am sure that you will get the good speed, once you maximum open connections.

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    Re: How to download torrents faster?

    Share Ratio is important for increasing the speed of downloading. This is a factor we can not control, but if it serves as an indication of the speed you could expect. There is generally a misconception that the torrent with a lot of seeders (those who share) and peers (downloaders) down better, but the ratio between them has to be harmonious (and if there are more seeders the better). For example, probably a torrent with 23 875 seeds but 47 234 peers will fall slower than one with 14 seeds and 4 peers.

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    Re: How to download torrents faster?

    Upload speed is one of the hardest things to find out. To optimize the upload limit you have to keep trying until you can set the limit at a spot just to be balanced and will not harm. If we let a lot of bandwidth for uploading, adversely affect the discharge, and vice versa. If nothing is working then there may be some bug in your application. In such scenario, you will have to uninstall your application (uTorrent) and then reinstall it again. Many times reinstalling fixes the problems.

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    Re: How to download torrents faster?

    Trackers multiple - This is simple, the more trackers available will increase the number of seeds and peers to improve our connections. To find more trackers it is best to copy and paste the torrent name you want in a search engine (eg Google or IsoHunt) and then add the new results to the list you already have in your program. Having more followers of a torrent generally improves performance. And have trackers Alternative means you can get more peers and seeders, allowing more stable connections.
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    Re: How to download torrents faster?

    I will tell you one tricks. your maximum download speed to unlimited may sound interesting, in reality it will only hurt your connection. If you still want to be able to browse properly, set your maximum download speed to:
    95% of your maximum download speed so if your maximum download speed is 400 kB/s, the optimal download speed is 380kB/s

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    Re: How to download torrents faster?

    In downloading torrent file, you should always consider the number of people who seeds on a specific file, the more seeds the faster download you can have, most of the time people who download torrent file usually do "hit and run", after downloading they dont even mind seeding the file that they have downloaded.

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