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Thread: Optimizing uTorrent

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    Optimizing uTorrent

    I would like some help to optimize the software Utorrent because I feel like I made it a bit. I reckon that I have completely curbed my download rate with my settings. I have tried to do lot of things for optimization but was not succeeded. Then thought that you guys can help me in solving my problem, so I am posting here with great expectations of your help.!! Please help me to fix my problem as soon as possible.

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    Re: Optimizing uTorrent

    On μTorrent is what it said "Network OK" at the bottom? If yes, it's just that you have misconfigured settings: Mets 0 limit of download (infinite) and if you have 128k upload limit put into eleven (if not 256 -> 24). After CA, a little patience is necessary. By cons, if you do not have network ok, open ports in Zone Alarm (or causes ZA accepts the connection: a view of the small window). Your Windows XP firewall is enabled? If yes, then try to disable it.

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    Re: Optimizing uTorrent

    What do you have as your connection?

    Except where there is a red box:
    If you have 256 in upload, put 24.
    If you have 128 food 11.

    Before launching μTorrent not forget to log you once your tracker (site where you downloaded your torrent file, do not site your source STP).

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    Re: Optimizing uTorrent

    When you say "before you run μTorrent remember to log you once your tracker (site where you downloaded your torrent file, do not site your source STP)". As I begin it is best if I explain how I proceed. When I try "something" I go to the link sites, I found, I click on the link and it opens automatically μtorrent. Also try to do some more R and D.

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    Re: Optimizing uTorrent

    Here, I have to spend 512 on my 1mb adsl connection. But since I used the wizard automatically utorrent I have the impression that everything is softer. torrentiser before I could surf without problem ... and now it's either because of slowing hallucinating. My connection was good before :
    • Your download speed (download): 1020 kb / s
    • Your ascending speed (upload): 135 kb / s

    but when I run utorrent is the catamaran he was so fast it drags and everything else is rowing. So still no solutions for you. Yet I recommend you to make changes as told by 'Wilbur'.

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