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Thread: What is better - uTorrent or Vuze?

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    What is better - uTorrent or Vuze?

    I am confused in applications like utorrent and Vuze that are used for downloading. I have just heard that the utorrent is better but don't know exact reasons, why it is best.?! So thought that you guys should be knowing about this and hoping that someone will provide some information about it. Since, I am not knowing about both the applications it would be better if you provide some basic ideas also. Any other information related to the topic would be grateful.

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    Re: What is better - uTorrent or Vuze?

    uTorrent has become for some time in the official bittorrent client, and according to a report by TorrentFreak, the same claims to be the most livin the bittorrent client, is also the fastest.

    The analysis conducted by TorrentFreak shows that uTorrent is up to 16% faster, with an average of 176 Kbps download as opposed to only 151 Kbps of Vuze. These tests were conducted with users of the ISP and several different ISP.

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    Re: What is better - uTorrent or Vuze?

    Vuze, previously known as Azureus, is an overwhelming utility to find all types of Torrent files and download them. All from the same application. Vuze provides a swift and straightforward way to download Torrent files. These files can enclose any type of content: videos, images, programs, etc. Also, now also offers a channel called Vuze HD Network with high-definition multimedia content and varied. Contains from movie trailers to videos for sport, music and more.

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    Re: What is better - uTorrent or Vuze?

    Vuze is for me the best program to download torrent files. With vuze get download speeds much higher than they've gotten with any other P2P. Although for music does not have much variety, to download videos and peculates vuze is undoubtedly the best. Its main feature is the speed when downloading files from all kinds. It has good looks but a bit confusing when looking torrentsl.

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    Re: What is better - uTorrent or Vuze?

    Since I do ONO P2P programs waters and ports are closed. Fortunately, at least to me it gives me problems and is going well, because otherwise I could see me having to change operator if they wanted to use one of these types of programs. And that was not torrent, but I confess I had not seen a download speed as the VUZE. The truth is that I use two on vuze and in ares ares that there is more variety, but only for music, with Buze I download videos and movies in particular and as surprises but the virus and never really found anything.

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    Re: What is better - uTorrent or Vuze?

    This, of course, is not conclusive and does not mean that a customer is better than another because the configuration of the same influences so much. To find out what was causing this, the researchers downloaded both applications and carefully observed. One reason is that the default settings Vuze connects to a smaller number of peers. But there are other reasons that are impossible to modify. If you're using Vuze and do not want to change client (although I highly recommend uTorrent because it takes much less system resources) that have to do is enable the ability to connect to a larger number of users and your download should enhance the least a bit.

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