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Thread: Is Gnutella speedier than torrent ?

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    Is Gnutella speedier than torrent ?

    Hi, am here to get little info about Gnutella and torrents. Most often i use uToorent or Bittorrent to download files, movies or any applications. Am happy with it but many of my friends who are using Gnutella said that it is speedier than torrent clients. Is that true.. I have never used it but if they are right, i'll surely like to go with it. Is Gnutella speedier than torrent , if yes how ?

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    Re: Is Gnutella speedier than torrent ?

    Well, Gnutella is little bit speedier than uTorrent but that doesn't means that uTorrent is cannot get upto the same speed. You can go with the speed guide from the options menu of the application and easily modify uTorrent as well to suite your internet connection. If you won’t limit upload speed or already opened too many connection or if you permit too many upload slots for each torrent, you're essentially choking your internet connection, Hence you get the slow speed on uTorrent.

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    Re: Is Gnutella speedier than torrent ?

    uTorrent or BitTorrent are the type of Peer-2-Peer network, hence there is nothing to judge against P2P vs. BitTorrent. Your download speed depends over swarm and network arrangement. Some of my friends had contributed in BitTorrent group that took long time to end, as there were only a pair of peers, and in addition they have participated in swarms that were fairly fast.

    Moreover, lots of clients choke connections that upload very leisurely, hence you have to have a sensibly superior upload speed to anticipate good download speeds. Just go through the BitTorrent FAQs and checkout their speed sector. Am sure you will find some misconfigured settings for your client.

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    Re: Is Gnutella speedier than torrent ?

    Occasionally it can seize a while to get in touch with a deliberate tracker. The start of a download will be particularly slow as you don't have any portion of the file to share with others. In recent times, trackers have been fairly overfulled and it's ordinary to get timeout-related blunder.

    In such cases, just leave the client open and ultimately it will connect. In case your network makes use of NAT, be confident that the BitTorrent ports are frontward to the machine that runs the application. This will permit inbound connections from peers. Or else, just outbound connections will do well.

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    Re: Is Gnutella speedier than torrent ?

    From time to time, if you limit your upload rate than your download rate will automatically increase. This is mainly true for asymmetric associations like cable and ADSL, where the outbound bandwidth is very minor as compared to inbound bandwidth. In case you are considering extremely high upload rates and small download rates, this is most likely the case. The cause this occur is due to the environment of TCP/IP -- every packet acknowledged must be received with a undersized outbound packet. If the outbound link is soaked with BitTorrent data, the latency of these TCP/IP ACKs will rise, resulting poor efficiency.

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