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Thread: uTorrent killing it's config files

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    uTorrent killing it's config files

    I have uTorrent 2 installed on my computer. I recently noticed that it has started killing its configuration files and so I am unable to use it anymore. I have also seen my Windows crashing because of the same, I suppose. But when I don't run any uTorrent's then I can use my Windows as normal. What is the problem with my uTorrent? Is it corrupted? Do I need to install it once again?

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    Re: uTorrent killing it's config files

    Are you trying to run your uTorrent alongwith gtsdll. In such case you need to edit your config file in order to get it working. Open it with the help of an editor and replace "[apptitle] *µTorrent*1.*" with "[apptitle] *µTorrent*2.*". Now save the file. Try once again to launch the application and see if this works.

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    Re: uTorrent killing it's config files

    I suppose that's not because of your uTorrent but because of your Windows is crashing. I think you need to repair your Windows with the help of the installation CD. If that doesn't help them try to repair your Windows Registry which may be having a lot of garbage collapsed inside it. For this you can use some free registry cleaner software available on the internet.

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    Re: uTorrent killing it's config files

    µTBackup is a freeware program which is made for backing up and then restoring µTorrent setting files. You can use this utility in order to restore your uTorrent application and fix the problem. Because this is certainly installation problem which you need to fix. It is either corrupted or it is missing some files. If you have the uTorrent setup file then I would suggest you to repair it with that and see if it works. Or else use µTBackup directly.

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