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Thread: My facebook website doesn't work

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    My facebook website doesn't work

    Hi guys !!
    I am unable to go on facebook anymore just because of some issues here . I used to be able to but before some weeks , it just displayed that

    "Address not found: Firefox can't find the server at"
    I think that there was something going wrong with their website but I was incorrect because when I call to my friends and asked about the issue. They told me that they can access the facebook account without any issues . It has been down for a month and I am getting really weired .

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    Re: My facebook website doesn't work

    The problem can be identified from different sources and one of the more important thing is that it may be blocked by your parents means overall this siste has been blocked and you can't access anymor website? Or may be the firewall is blocking your access, Ask someone on your PC who access to the computer if they have blocked this and if not, check to be sure that your firewall is not blocking this and Also try it with the different browsers like Safari IE and Chrome...
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    Re: My facebook website doesn't work

    I was working on facebook and it was going well . I was just checking the messages on single a page, and playing the "Pirates" application in different window and it all just stopped functioning at all . So I terminated everything, and tried to login back but when I did, the home page would come up in normal mode . It sort of comes up. It stated that Facebook, and it has the links at the top which say "profile, friends,inbox," and it has the small notification thing at the bottom of the page ... The little red bubble suggests that I have five notifications, but when I click then nothing happens. I can however, click the "profile" link and move to my profile wall. I can get everything but none of the links are functional there . I am unable to remove posts or anything.

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    Re: My facebook website doesn't work

    I am not only user here having this issue , a lot of users posted this issue. After a lot of searching on the internet, I got this thread where, I can get the solution for this problem, Actually, I was running with the similar issue here same as Jaida and hulkman and currently have to associate the 's' to http to obtain onto any Facebook page after the login page. However, the Facebook chat function is currently disabled on these secure pages. Does anybody here are aware about the methods around this, so I can get the pages and use chat such as before ?

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    Re: My facebook website doesn't work

    just delite all cookies or prefetch files than restart your computer///

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    Re: My facebook website doesn't work

    Cure for failure to get facebook pages from Internet explorer 8. You should download the updates for the Internet Explorer 8 supports View List for Windows XP (KB971930) from the official site of the Microsoft Windows update and once installed come up with the Internet explorer and move to your facebook page. Then click on the Page and then after Compatibility View configurations and then click on Add. Facebook will now load in Compatibility View and should be able to appear .
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