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Thread: Facebook website freezes up my computer

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    Facebook website freezes up my computer

    I didn't get this type of issue before. But today it seems very weired and nor it is showing any error message to find out the actual issue ...I am unable to move my mouse to fro , the website freezes, I just have to press the power button and made it off. It happens very quickly visiting a different type of websites (Yahoo sports, CNN, Facebook). I am working with the latest version of the Chrome browser , but I am starting to get frustrated. Any advice would be appreciated ? Thanks!

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    Re: Facebook website freezes up my computer

    This is occurred only when you open the social networking websites or going on with every websites. If it is going on with the particular sites then you need to check out to login and login again. After login, check the status of your's and if nothing happens then switch to another web browser and use your account to visit with the same profile. In case, if you are having this problem with all of the sites then you should contact with the service provider..

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    Re: Facebook website freezes up my computer

    It is starting to perform automatically on my computer system also . I am using Windows XP and the newest Chrome version ( and it freezes whenever I am on Facebook more than a few minutes. Task manager will display that more than one copies of Chrome and they are still running even after the front-end application is terminated . I am not sure that if it's coincidence or something to do with Facebook, the memory consumption has been consistently just more than 21,000K. However, even while it is running in common way , other Chrome tasks quickly use just minimum than 50,000K.

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    Re: Facebook website freezes up my computer

    If the whole system getting freezes up, it will require to be restarted . For this to perform , you need to hold down the "Ctrl" and "Alt" keys. While holding both keys down, issue the "Delete" key two times . It should turn off the system and automatically reboot this . If the machine does not responding properly then try the keyboard shortcut one more time . If it remains frozen and does not go for the restarting option , you will require to perform a hard turn off the system. This simply means issuing and holding down the power button until the machine completely turned off . Once, it has shut down, skip it off for some minutes and then switch the power on once more.

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    Re: Facebook website freezes up my computer

    I was running with the similar problem . For testing purpose, I created virtual machine - vmware player + win xp sp 3, application patched. well it's working on same hardware , but to exclude "registry" problems . There is no any programs already installed except google chrome. It is still move to lock up my machine . open three-four tabs, some wide and start clicking near about two minutes and keyborad and mouse get locked - only hard boot.

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