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Thread: Oovoo connection problems

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    Oovoo connection problems

    I use a videoconferencing software called ooVoo, everything go well for two weeks, and now last night, a power connection and the software can not log me on! So I inquired with other friends (user oovoo) on msn, 4 of my friends could not connect either, and Bizar, my 4 friends and ISP Orange! other person who owns a neufbox, freebox ... had no worries. Please tell me how to get rid of Oovoo connection problems. I will be very much thankful to you.

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    Re: Oovoo connection problems

    OoVoo had problems connecting recently with an updated user interface, you may have fallen during this time, or it was impossible to connect on ooVoo. The problem is resolved since yesterday afternoon. So the best option or solution here is to wait for about a day or two and then try logging i again may be the update work was in progress and hence you are getting these kind of errors.

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    Re: Oovoo connection problems

    OoVoo more connection since two days / I was telephoned by the oovoo Network at 21:00 and they told to me that had blocked OoVoo Orange / Orange So now it's between us and it happens / if someone from the Committee may allert government regulation or give me no such because I have no idea or find it. Much love oovoo and hence i would suggest you to change to an other subscriber Thank you for reading.

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    Re: Oovoo connection problems

    I am confident that Orange has a reason to blow this one. But it does not explain why, at least for the moment. However have you tried to uninstall the application once and then reinstall it once again. Sometimes when an application is not installed properly then such kind of error usually happen. Hope that this will help you.

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