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Thread: cPanel - innoDB not enabled

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    cPanel - innoDB not enabled

    I am trying to move my old database phpbb , but not quite successful with it, so I have decided to use the innoDB as the storage engine for mysql database. This will create my new cpanel server. The problem now is when I try to configure I notice that innoDB is not enabled the server. I have searched for it every where but the option is not available. So, if you have an solution or know how to enable this then please let me know. Thank you.

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    Re: cPanel - innoDB not enabled

    I just host my site on Cpanel, but many features of the site no longer works on the remote site while it works on the premises. When I compared my database and the one I hosted on the premises I noticed that for the first all tables are of type InnoDB and MyISAM sum is too low, while on the premises I type InnoDB tables and the sum of the guy down is also InnnoDB type. How can I do to solve the problem of the sum of the guys on the PHPMyAdmin on Cpanel??

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    Re: cPanel - innoDB not enabled

    Rather I think you should use something like the seamless integration cPanel You have full access to your snapshots. The recovery of individual files or entire folders requires only a few mouse clicks, and can, without help of the support team, carried out by you. MySQL databases and tables can currently only be restored by a support person.

    The features should include
    - Restore individual files, folders, databases or tables
    - The files should be in the same place or in a custom folder
    - Easy to use interface integrated into cPanel
    - Full support for MyISAM and InnoDB Database Engines

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    Re: cPanel - innoDB not enabled

    To maintain mailing engine required PHP version 5 + for Multibyte character sets (in our case must support UTF-8, which is included in Denver by editing the php.ini with the addition of the library expansion php_mbstring.dll), a working extension tokenizer, MySQL with support for type InnoDB. To use the module "Communities" will require specific configuration of Apache and DNS-server. Many hosting services, this opportunity is provided by default, either from the control panel. So, I need help on the installation script? Please help.

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    Re: cPanel - innoDB not enabled

    Support InnoDB is DNS can be done well, as you said yourself through the control panel. Panel Pdesk. True to the social network in the future probably will need all the same as the minimum VPS. Why can not you provide the setting for your software. Unfortunately we can only assist in the transfer of files and databases on a server with another provider, but the installation of our staff is excluded.

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    Re: cPanel - innoDB not enabled

    All hosting plans include the following
    # Site Studio
    # PHP5/PHP4
    # Zend Optimizer
    # Htaccess and Htpasswd
    # Throttle
    # CGI-BIN
    # Perl
    # SSI
    # Cron
    # PgSQL (except Plan Economy)
    # PhpPgAdmin (except Plan Economy)
    # MySQL5
    # PhpMyAdmin
    # Front Page Extensions
    # PhpBB and Oscommerce
    # Webalizer and Modlogan (application processing statistics)
    # Mailboxes, aliases, forwards, ezmlm mail lists
    # The ability to use SSL certificates
    # Dedicated IP address
    # EasyApps

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