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Thread: Facebook Connection Timeout

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    Facebook Connection Timeout

    I have just received the above stated issues while trying to login Facebook from my notebook through the wireless router. Access to entire sites are going very well . I have installed Vista . I have tried also with the IE7, IE8, Firefox, Chrome and every browser processing the similar result.

    However, if I connect my notebook with the broadband, bypassing the router, the issue is getting resolved .I was suspecting my router is having some issue but when I tried my router on my friend's system , his notebook did not evaluating any such type of issue (using my Facebook ID) with my router. I still unable to get down which one component occurring this issue...

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    Re: Facebook Connection Timeout

    This is also looking so wired, I didn't got this before and suddenly this afternoon a Facebook user sent me a copy of the previous interaction with the Facebook related to the problem that he is running with and in which he was repeatedly timed out after logging in. While it isn’t confirmed that why it is going on, there’s no confusion that he is not only the user facing this type of issue . A message from Facebook stated after getting some articles they were “aware of the problem” and working on a resolution.

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    Re: Facebook Connection Timeout

    Hi everyone ,

    I am using Firefox browser to surf the internet and I have installed the Windows Vista. When I move to click on the link from within my credit union's site, I have just received this message related to the connection :

    Connection has timed out.

    I don't think, there should be any issues from my browser and as well as I made double-checked to get that Direct internet connection was checked and it was. Anyone here are capable to solve this or any help for me please do ...

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    Re: Facebook Connection Timeout

    I got your post and you are not only the user running with this issue. I had the same issue with the same website and searching for the same issue and finally got something as the guidelines and which can resolve this issue. There, you go now :

    1- Go to tools and click options
    2- click on the advanced button and then click the network tab
    3- From the connections section , just click on the settings
    4- click auto-detect proxy settings for this network.

    I am sure, it would be helpful for you and would work for you as it was successful operation for me.
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    Re: Facebook Connection Timeout

    The problem has been around for more than a week and something makes me thing that it’s associated with the new chat system as the first indication of something going incorrect is a notification in the chat bar that says “Your session has timed out. Please log in.” For those that have running with a timeout on Facebook there apparently is not more you can do during this moments unfortunately.

    The user that called me has had their session timeout repeatedly just again and again within the 30 seconds of logging in. This indicates that Facebook has been rendered practically useless for a lot of users. ..

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