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Thread: Hotmail Account Blocked

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    Hotmail Account Blocked

    The new Windows Live Hotmail refuses to recognize my password..........after trying many that I have the red sign "You tried to connect too many times an email address or password incorrect". If I try the option 'connect you to another account, same refusal. If I try 'Redefining password', I also cooked for since I opened my hotmail box long ago, I changed my country 15 times and alternate email address that I gave a the era in yahoo, I do not remember the password and after 50 emails with their customer service I am not more advanced. Hotmail has been blocked Please tell me a way to unblock the the hotmail.

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    Re: Hotmail Account Blocked

    There is a way to retrieve, a method a bit drastic, re-hack your address, something we will not see here or contact the customer service / technical support.

    Here are the steps to follow:

    • Contact Technical Support and explain your case.
    • This will send a form to verify that you are indeed the owner of the account hacked
    • In this form you will be asked among others the IP address of the computer where you created your account name, all information given when you register, details on the contents of your mail as some names contacts, messages from your inbox.
    • After verification, you will receive an email confirmation, then an email allowing you to reset your password.

    IT'S DONE!

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    Re: Hotmail Account Blocked

    My Hotmail too appear as blocked. The problem is that every time I enter my username and password to open my box they put me on top of characters to copy, so I do it and after that they again ask to enter the address and password, and when i again enter the email id and password. this process is repeated a number of times. But when i repeated this process a number of time finally i received an error message that your hotmail account has been blocked. Please tell me how to get rid of this problem.

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    Re: Hotmail Account Blocked

    I think I have the same problem. Unable to access hotmail email, while messenger poses no worries. When I access my mail, either of messenger or hotmail. Com, I came across the page "please enter the characters that appear on the screen, I entered, and I fall on the page asking me my login and password, and so on repeatedly. From the login page by clicking "User space", yet I have access to information about me: I am well known connected. But even by clicking "logout", even leaving messenger, if I retry everything returns the same way: login -> enter the characters -> Connection -> enter the characters etc..

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    Re: Hotmail Account Blocked

    A little cleaning will not be a luxury SO i would advice you to follow the steps which are mentioned below in order to get rid of this problem.

    • Go to the Start Menu
    • Then move to accessories and select the system tools utility in which you will see the disk clean up wizard click.
    • A window opens click on "Disk Cleanup" and it will ask you for the drive which will be listed in the drop-down menu click the drive c and press ok
    • Check all the boxes except "compress files ..."
    • PressOk and then Ok again
    • Opens an Internet Explorer then Tools menu / Internet Options / Advanced tab / Reset ...

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