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Thread: Using iWeb and need shopping cart

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    Using iWeb and need shopping cart

    I am using iweb for my website. It is basically design and publish your own personal website. It have very good theme comes with coordinated fonts, backgrounds, and colors . Now i convert my site to e commerce site and need shopping cart for this. Can anybody suggest me for that. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Using iWeb and need shopping cart

    You can use iweb Shop & Mall Iweb SI framework that based on the development, access to library technology platform to support iweb SI conditions, iweb Shop & Mall can easily meet customer orders of magnitude from one million to 10 million large-scale e-commerce site performance requirements. Site clusters and distributed technology (distributed computing and storage / high availability / load balancing) are shielded in the SI within the platform, based on iweb Shop & Mall, and in accordance with the SI standard development platform for new library expansion modules, it will also be the kind of super computing and processing capabilities.

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    Re: Using iWeb and need shopping cart

    As the open source e-commerce system, iweb Shop & Mall offers a lightweight support library, which makes iweb Shop & Mall can be easily deployed in a virtual host or a single server. iweb Shop & Mall has the following characteristics:
    1. Easy to integrate.
    iweb Shop & Mall design flexible and modular system architecture and rich functionality. Easy and seamless integration of third-party applications.
    2. Performance and capacity expansion.
    SI base management node cluster support hot plug, when the system needs to increase in the cluster nodes, or Web services, data storage nodes only need to change the SI library configuration file, without writing any code that you can easily manage new traffic and data.
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    Re: Using iWeb and need shopping cart

    The enterprise-class applications that can handle a wide range of needs, establishment can easily use the iweb Shop & Mall to build a multi-purpose and multi-domain e-commerce website. the iweb Shop & Mall features include:
    1. Site Management
    2. Shop and supplier management (single store system does not contain this feature)
    3. Promotions and product recommendation
    4. Merchandising
    5. Category Management
    6. Category Search
    7. User Center
    8. Customer Service
    9. Payment management
    10. Checkout
    11. Logistics Management
    12. SEO Search Engine Optimization
    13. Analysis and Reporting

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    Re: Using iWeb and need shopping cart

    iWeb Mall is a high performance, high scalability of the open source e-commerce software, defined as medium-sized e-commerce platform software, and serve the needs of business customers build e-commerce. These business customers do not need to know any knowledge of computer programming code, only need to use iWebMall software they can easily create a powerful online mall, to implement user registration, product display, online ordering, online payment and other e-commerce capabilities; iWebMall integrated product publication and query, member registration login, shopping cart, online order, online payment, online exchanges such as improving the online sales features, most notably iWebMall site.

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    Re: Using iWeb and need shopping cart

    You need to use iWebMall v0.7 that new features are :

    1) Increase the variety of payment background Interface Options.
    2) The seller can choose a variety or a custom set of payment .
    3) The product page shows the seller of payment support.
    4) when the buyer paid the seller can choose to support the payment and rewrite an existing order model.

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    Re: Using iWeb and need shopping cart

    The iWebMall is different from the traditional, which is based more on behalf of iWeb SI, high-performance architecture technology platform system development, outstanding design with iweb SI platform, iWebMall site with a high degree of scalability and flexibility, the low-cost inputs can be instantly deployed under the high load equipment on cluster system, when the business scale or rapid growth in the number of users, but also interactive services, no matter the request is from a computer or mobile device, all without the need to rewrite existing programs can achieve a smooth upgrade and scale technology, coupled with the rapid development of new applications and deployment features to help companies seize market opportunities.

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