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Thread: Is the iPhone 3G WAAS enabled?

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    Is the iPhone 3G WAAS enabled?

    I was particularly proud last few days after you have installed-uninstalled up to 5 different browsers on three SD 2Gb, 1Gb and 500 Mb, with the latest version of Route 66, Tomtom and Destinator, seeking information on RDS / TMC to "round up" the GPS. When suddenly read do not know where there GPS2Blue program called, made by a Belgian to make the PDA with Bluetooth GPS receiver and a receiver for a PC or laptop with Bluetooth too. I found that this protocol is not compatible with most browsers, while it is NMEA protocol in 95% of cases. It seems to be that by manipulating the program is, it "got" the protocol to SiRF GPS and now I can not go back to NMEA, and do not work neither 6 nor Tomtom Destinator 6. I am not able to figure out that WAAS is enabled in my iPhone 3G.!!

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    Re: Is the iPhone 3G WAAS enabled?

    The first thing I found was GPSTweak. I have implemented following a tutorial that is in another thread of All Pocket PC. In my case the program has not responded as the friend tells the forum, but more or less done what is supposed to do. First, connect to COM5 (which is how I have always connected the TomTom), to 38400 bd. Which is as recommended. However, the screen I get the string of NMEA sentences that would have to leave. Later than I connected with the SIRF III because nothing suggests otherwise, and although NMEA enabled, and disabled, enabled SiRF, and the disabled, but not before having enabled the WAAS / EGNOS, and connected to the chip and off after orthodox Tomtom and Destinator and then it started working properly.

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    Re: Is the iPhone 3G WAAS enabled?

    I know how to Enable / disable 3G in other phones like in LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson mobiles. The procedure varies from one mobile to another. For mobile LG -
    1. Go to menu
    2. Select Settings> Phone> connectivity> network settings> network mode> UMTS

    For Nokia mobile -
    1. Go to menu
    2. Select Settings> Phone> Network Mode> 3G

    For Samsung Mobile -
    1. Go to menu
    2. Select Settings> Network> Network mode> UMTS

    For mobile Sony Ericsson -
    1. Go to menu
    2. Select Settings> Connectivity> Mobile networks> networks GSM / 3G

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    Re: Is the iPhone 3G WAAS enabled?

    In SirfDemo, happens as much of the same. I think it was this program that I unconfigure the GPS chip. I connected to it through GPS2Blue program, and for a while was in operation, showing the position of satellites and listing the NMEA sentences that would receive the GPS on my PDA. It all ended when I clicked on the option "Switch to SiRF Protocol" ... something did "crack", figuratively speaking, of course. Now, even I try to click on the "Switch to NMEA Protocol" changes nothing. It leads me to a window with the parameters of the protocol, I put the same thing by default and will bring change to 4800 bd.

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    Re: Is the iPhone 3G WAAS enabled?

    The hard reset I have not tried yet ... for this case. I've removed the battery for a few hours, as I suggested to others, but I have not dared to leave him more time because "you can not erase the ROM if the battery completely runs out, or if you remove the battery 5 or 6 days? Some days back I was taking another GPSTweak review the program, and I discovered several things. So you will have to try another way out.

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    Re: Is the iPhone 3G WAAS enabled?

    I do not think, well thought out, is a question of GPS protocols the root of my problem because the Tomtom XIRF not understand the protocol, but it does Destinator lets you switch between it and the NMEA ... nor captures the signal and not the browser works. The fact is that when I connect to the appropriate COM (5) the little green light lit on the PDA when you work the GPS flashes, and not when I connect it to any other COM. Come on, the GPS receiver seems to be working , although the program does not capture a "valid signal" ... Anyway, do not lose hope.

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    Re: Is the iPhone 3G WAAS enabled?

    Private-I is a rather special application available on the App Store recently that will allow you to recover your stolen iPhone. It is very simple (well almost). Once on your iPhone, the application icon shows a "private" that thieves will think it is personal data (interesting). It then launches the application that simulates the return of photos showing a beautiful pink screen. In fact the iPhone 3G and activates the GPS and send your personal email box with the GPS coordinates of the thief. Good personal it seems a bit cheesy as an application (to include full reasons if no network and if the thief is not too stupid he will not run this famous application).

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