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Thread: How to map automatic network drive on a mac

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    How to map automatic network drive on a mac

    Hey, we have a server running Windows Server 2003 Active Directory with the connection configuration. The Mac can connect to the server using the AD login, but with all users on Windows XP, the My Documents folder is mounted to the users H: drive on the network. How could this be done on the Mac OS X v10.4.2. I do not remember whether or not the afp protocol must be enabled on the server, but using SMB or AFP you as the user is logged on with an AD user account.
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    Re: How to map automatic network drive on a mac

    I think that you should try the following script for Apple Map Network Drive :
    set user_name to last word of (path to current user folder as text) 
    tell application "Finder" 
    mount volume "smb: / /" & user_name & "@ server /" & user_name & "" 
    end try 
    end tell

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    Re: How to map automatic network drive on a mac

    After writing the script that is mentioned by the 'Allan.d', you should follow the steps given below :
    1. You must register as a demand.
    2. Set your computer run at each logon by going to System Preferences -> Accounts -> Login item
    3. Copy and loginwindow.plist of / Library / Preferences folder of your account starting / SystemX / library / user template / English.lproj / Library / Preference.
    4. Logon to AD domain by domain account with card reader with one hand as the username of the account.

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    Re: How to map automatic network drive on a mac

    I am sure the apple-script option is great, but simple is to simply drag the drive to the "log points" of the "users" in the window "System Preferences". There is a ton of info out there to this subject, including a graphical interface called iHook), which is a shell script that is executed at login. The script itself looks something like this :
    #! / Bin / bash
    mkdir / Volumes / "Share Name 
    / Sbin / mount-t smb smb: / / username: password@ / 
    "Share Name / Volumes / <share Name>

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    Re: How to map automatic network drive on a mac

    You want to set username "guest" as there is not variable floating around the operating system that contains the password of users. Also that you have to do full / sbin / address of the mountain, the only commands you can use in login scripts, without giving their full path are those in the / bin directory. Well, save this file as something descriptive (like and put some universal (like / Library / Scripts /). When you register, make sure that in his text (if you use TextEdit to create it, you'll have to go Format-> Make Plain Text).

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    Re: How to map automatic network drive on a mac

    Some computers allow the sharing of IRQ's. Make sure the device you are sharing IRQ with the SCSI card is capable of IRQ sharing (Adaptec recommends that if possible, be assigned a unique IRQ to the SCSI card). The defined IRQ must be set to operate in level, which is usually one of the options within the systems CMOS / BIOS, but not all systems have this option.

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    Re: How to map automatic network drive on a mac

    Your post gets an automatic configuration of Windows. Try to reconfigure the agent of the card, checking all settings. A self IP address configuration is often a wep key error or a problem in the authentication mode (open system or shared). Otherwise, trying to force the IP address, but it works very rarely. Also if possible try to check the WEP setting.

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    Re: How to map automatic network drive on a mac

    Try to follow the steps and I am sure that your problem will get solved :
    1. Get the Network Manager WEP key for sure.
    2. Search syntax of a machine running Mac OS X from Win: \ \ ipaddress \ username,
      ex. "\ \ 10.0.1.x \ user_name"
    3. The link between the machines and resources connected to the Airport base is so completely transparent, I had an internet connection via ADSL modem, before you even get to create networks favorites.

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