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Thread: How to broadcast quicktime with QT Streaming Server

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    How to broadcast quicktime with QT Streaming Server

    The quicktimes stream server is really a free and nice source of software which can help you to handle streaming media on apple platform. I want to starts a one on my computer. I want to stream my mp3 audios over the internet on my site. But I had not done this before. What does it offers and how to use the same on Mac.

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    Re: How to broadcast quicktime with QT Streaming Server

    You can download the Quicktime Streaming Server installer straightly from Apple's Quicktime Streaming Server page [Download - 9.8 MB]. Basically decompress/translate the disc picture; twice hit it off to mount, and you be supposed to observe the Quicktime Streaming Server installer disc mounted on your desktop. Immediately twice click the installer to install it on your system. The Quicktime Stream Server presents a simple-to-utilize, web-based interface that a good number people determine is capable to master rapidly. If you are looking to present real-time video over the Internet.

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    Re: How to broadcast quicktime with QT Streaming Server

    To make or generate a server for the similar. You have to go to the setup. At present you are prepared setup QTSS. In order to right of entry the QTSS arrangement, then you have to go the URL of your web server with at port 1220. Then you have to set Password. The first screen you will observe basically asks you to select username and password. Choose and enter your desired information in sequence and press "Set Password." MP3 setup. Next, you will necessitate to choose password for MP3 service. Apple separates right of entry to MP3 broadcasting from right of entry to Quicktime media broadcasting for security purposes.

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    Re: How to broadcast quicktime with QT Streaming Server

    For the SSL Setup. This element of the setup is not required if you are setting up on your restricted machine and arranging from there. Otherwise, SSL will permit you to login firmly to your machine from a remote system, without risking additional stealing your password. If you have suitable SSL certificate, you can utilize SSH here. For this you have to Setup media folder. At present you have to tell the streaming server where you will accumulate your MP3 and Quicktime media files for streaming. The evasion position is /Library/QuickTimeStreaming/Movies, so if you do not desire to put your MP3s and movies there, then select an innovative directory at this point, and accumulate your media there.

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    Re: How to broadcast quicktime with QT Streaming Server

    For the streaming port. In this step, you prefer or select the port over which QTSS runs. A "port" is basically a numbered "right of entry point" to your server, and dissimilar Internet submissions are selected with convinced ports. For illustration, the evasion World Wide Web server port is 80 -- so if you immediately type in the name of a server in your Web browser, the browser will guess that you wish for to go to port 80 on the server, and not port 21, for illustration, which is the FTP port.

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    Re: How to broadcast quicktime with QT Streaming Server

    If you locate the port number to 80, the customary HTTP port, you can serve "through" a firewall, in view of the fact that good number of firewalls will border right of entry to ports outside of the commons ones like 80 for Web and 21 for FTP. Using a particular port might origin troubles for users behind firewalls, which sometimes obstruct any ports besides the customary ones for HTTP, FTP, etc. On the other hand, if you have only got restricted spectators for your streaming media, and none of them are at the back firewalls, you might desire to modify your port to something besides 80.
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