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Thread: Using paypal shopping cart

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    Using paypal shopping cart

    Hello guys !
    I am in little trouble,I have limited budget to develop an online shop and I was wondering if there was any evidence that people are less inclined to using paypal than say a shopping cart with payment facilities?

    Surely some people must be put off from using Paypal merely by the fact that they have to register first? Have you all any suggestion regarding this.


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    Using paypal shopping cart

    Hello friend,

    PayPal has changed its own procedures of nearby, and now new users for the pay pal are not needed to be register for a PayPal account which I have tested before.

    It is not easy to say about the confirmation, but I suspect that there are some person are still in confusion having to use the PayPal . As one thing more, the new non-registration process is not well known by them.

    I would say that, if you are needed to use PayPal, I would take steps not to make it view so just go for PayPal.

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    Using paypal shopping cart

    The process of registering with paypal is very simple,just go through the paypal site and get register : Registration

    It is based on the customers and what product you are selling. There are a so many shops and malls that are go beyond there that cater maximum to the Paypal consumer.

    A lot of people who have keeps the money in the Paypal account just to have it as "free" money. If you going for crafts - then obviously go with account . If you are on the parts of electronics except computer then don't use them.The clothing is a charming paypal item.

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    Benefits of paypal shopping cart

    Benefits of using paypal shopping cart

    There are so many things are feasible and situated with the paypal cart,you can save time and money using PayPal's hassle-free Shopping Cart.The benefits of using paypal cart is sa follows:

    1- It is very easy to implement,there is no requirement of CGI scripting.
    2- No up-front costs,minimum fee schedule applied when you get other PayPal payments.
    3- Sell with ease means description of transaction records on our website.
    4- Improve buyer experience

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    Re: Using Add to Cart button with paypal shopping cart

    Using Add to Cart button:

    You can available to your customers to purchase more than one items using free PayPal shopping cart. Your customers can then click on the button to commit the purchasing.Then after the following procedure would be done continuously :

    • The card would be accepted, PayPal payments right away.
    • There is not any monthly, setting-up, or cancellation charges.
    • Buyers need not have a PayPal account to pay you
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