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Thread: New Internet Explorer 9

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    New Internet Explorer 9

    Hello, I have been using Internet Explorer as my default browser from last 5 years and i am habitat to use this browser so much. I have heard that the latest version of this browser have came out as Internet Explorer 9. I would be definitely like to know about this browser such as what are new features in Internet Explorer 9 and how it performs compare to the older versions. Currently i am using windows vista on my computer so is it compatible with it?

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    Internet Explorer 9.

    Now you can take the full advantage of your hardware with background compiled JavaScript as Internet Explorer 9 supports for Flying Images, Text Size Animated, Test Justification Animated, Map Zooming and Pulsating Bubbles. IE 9 delivers you the rich interoperability with the next generation of Web standards by providing the support for Border Radius, CSS3 Selectors, DOM Events, DOM Style and HTML5 T-Shirt Designer.

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    Features NOT included in an Internet Explorer 9

    Following are some features that are included in the latest Internet Explorer 9.
    1. HTML5-conformant whitespace handling is not yet implemented.
    2. Gradient, Filters, SVGFonts and SMIL, Linking/Views(ViewBox), Clipping, and Masking are not available.
    3. Text is functional but only lifts most of the HTML implementation and does not currently include all SVG functionality (except for a few key areas such as X/Y).
    4. Not all elements of the SVGDOM are available (though most are for the elements implemented, and you can most always fall back on DOM-CORE)
    5. Not all attributes are currently supported.
    6. Support for SVG as an image, .svgz, css-image, in <iframe> and <embed> are not currently supported.

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    Internet Explorer 9: Features.

    Features provided in the Internet Explorer 9 are as follows:
    1. CSS3 such as Selectors, Namespaces, Backgrounds & Borders, Color (rgba(), opacity).
    2. Core Namespaces.
    3. L2 Events such as Event registration and dispatch APIs (addEventListener, removeEventListener, createEvent, dispatchEvent), Event capture, bubble and target phases and Event, UIEvent, MouseEvent, etc.
    4. L3 Events like CustomEvent, KeyboardEvent, DragEvent interfaces.
    5. SVG in IE is based upon the SVG 1.1 2nd Edition Full for desktop browsers.
    6. Most document structure, scripting and styling is supported.
    7. Presentation elements and their corresponding attributes and DOM are available including paths, shapes, colors, and transforms.
    8. ICC v2 and v3 color profiles are supported on images.

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    System Requirements by Internet Explorer 9.

    Internet Explorer Platform Preview requires Windows 7 (x86 or x64) or Windows Vista SP2 (x86 or x64). For Vista users, Windows Internet Explorer 8 and DirectX 2D (D2D) must be installed on your system. If you’re not already running Internet Explorer 8, download and install it first. Then install DirectX 2D by installing the Platform Update for Windows Vista, available on Windows Update. Click on the INTERNET EXPLORER 9 PP to download it.

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    Re: New Internet Explorer 9

    You now use different document modes in an Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview by clicking on the Debug menu and select one of the Document Modes. You may also use pressing the Alt + 5, 7, 8, or 9 to switch to the IE5, IE7, IE8, and IE9 document modes respectively and pressing the Alt + 0 will reset the document mode to the page default. On the left of the status bar, you can see the current document mode for the currently viewed page.

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