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Thread: Secure firefox settings for browsing

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    Secure firefox settings for browsing

    I am using Firefox as my default web browser. The same is used by the other users also which sits on this computer. I need some basic secure surfing settings which can help to protect my users to get redirected to some automated site. What is the private browsing option in this browser. How to enable that and what does it offers. I need automatic settings for that.

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    Re: Secure firefox settings for browsing

    If you are worried regarding the footprint left at the back from your browsing action at the same time as using Firefox, this accepted web browser has a built in sanctuary characteristic to help and prevent you from prying eyes. Visited web pages, usernames, passwords, and previous information become a part of the history that Firefox keep in mind to make your next browsing knowledge more pleasant. On the other hand, if you have a preference to utilize Firefox without the browser remembering your history, you can twist on its Private Browsing characteristic.
    read here - How to enable Private Browsing in Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari

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    Re: Secure firefox settings for browsing

    When using Firefox’s Private Browsing characteristic, the subsequent information will no longer be keep in mind by the browser as history, they are Visited Pages, Form and Search Bar entrance, Passwords, Downloaded Files List, Cookies and Web Cache Files. There are two cautions to using the Private Browsing characteristic in Firefox. First, several new bookmarks you generate at the same time as in Private Browsing method will not be separated or deleted when you put out of action the Private Browsing. Second, files saved to your system under Private Browsing will not be deleted when you discontinue using this characteristic. On the other hand, temporary files you downloaded will be deleted from your computer’s provisional folder. Fortunately, not any of these files will ever show up in the Downloaded files register.

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    Re: Secure firefox settings for browsing

    There are two methods to twist on Private Browsing. The provisional method permit you to turn Private Browsing on and off at determination. The everlasting methods permit you to utilize Private Browsing as an everlasting option. Read on to learn both methods. To twist Private Browsing on and off at determination, begin by opening Firefox and clicking on Tools and then you can Start Private Browsing. You can in addition twist on this characteristic by using the Ctrl+Shift+P shortcut key arrangement.

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    Re: Secure firefox settings for browsing

    The Firefox will enquire if you desire to start Private Browsing. Click on the Start Private Browsing switch and Firefox determine to restart itself and give you a brief impression of what will and will not be keep in mind as history at the same time as in this method. When you desire to exit Private Browsing method, click on Tools and then click on Stop Private Browsing. All over again you can, on the other hand can utilize the Ctrl+Shift+P shortcut key arrangement.

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    Re: Secure firefox settings for browsing

    If you desire to use the Private Browsing to be on whenever you startup and utilize Firefox, begin by opening the Firefox browser and clicking Tools and then alternatives. Click on the Privacy tab at the top of the window. Position the drop down box labelled Firefox determine and choose Use Custom Settings for History. Position and check the alternative titled mechanically Start Firefox in a Private Browsing Session. Click on the OK switch.
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