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Thread: Old games on vista - new at this!

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    Old games on vista - new at this!

    hi i have found carmageddon game from 1997 and i am having throubles with the graphics its really pixelated and can't hardly see the game im not very technical with this side of thing but explained simply i should be able to do it! if anyone has any easy ideas would be great. oh and also im on a lap top and the controls for the game dont seem to work on my comp, i figured you can change it on the game itself but it wont allow me to select my arrow keys as accelerator etc please help much appreciated

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    Re: Old games on vista - new at this!

    The system requirements for carmageddon are as follows:
    • Operating system: DOS
    • RAM: 16 Mb
    • CPU: Pentium-90 or better
    • CD Speed: 4X
    • Video Mode: VGA

    I dont think that it will run on Windows Vista.
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    Re: Old games on vista - new at this!

    As the game been very old it needs to be initialized with supporting system. Windows Vista been very advance operating system and hence the game isnot much featured or do have the support for the same.

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