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Thread: Why I cannot search my page on Google?

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    Why I cannot search my page on Google?

    My site has been submitted to Google, but I could not find my web page on Google search, how is this going on? I know that Google is still quite tolerant, and sometimes on the new site not be found on Google. My site almost complete one month but still I am unable to see my site on Google search. I just want the solution for this related problem.

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    Re: Why I cannot search my page on Google?

    If your site does not violate Google's Spam rules, and web site has added to the other major search engines, or at least an exchange of links with other websites, and also submitted to the Google website, but cannot search your web page. There are several reasons for this situation.
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    Re: Why I cannot search my page on Google?

    Google has actually scan your web site, but only to crawl on the database page cache, but are also not moved into the main database, then you cannot find Google, of course, their own web pages. Google refresh the database, the time interval is usually one month, and one month after the general web page can appear in search results. But for the new Web site, this process could take 2 months.

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    Re: Why I cannot search my page on Google?

    Situation is that your page has entered the main database, but coincided with Google's database has been refreshed once a month situation is that your website ranks in the keyword search results are too on the list at this time can use site name, if you can find Web links would suggest that Google has already included your web site.

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    Re: Why I cannot search my page on Google?

    Another way you can probably see the site has been included, of course, provided that you have installed the Google Toolbar. First visited your site home page, then check the toolbar page rank scores, if we can show scores (and sometimes may be 0 points), then be sure your site has been Google's database of. If the page rank is gray, there are several possibilities: First, your site not being included; First, your site violated the Spam rule is Google punished; other hand, if the speed is too slow cannot connect to Google, may also result in page rank for Gray, although this is relatively rare.

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