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Thread: What are the methods for production sites?

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    What are the methods for production sites?

    Whether the development of the software or create a Web site, the real troubles us is often not the use of the software, but software technology outside of some of the things that really determine a site's success is the design, positioning, promotion and other non-technical means. So there must be some protocols for the production of site. I will be really thankful if anybody can help me in this topic.

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    Target audience access.

    Many online education sites using different software to make online courseware, but the video in any event it is not suitable for the present Chinese surfer’s network bandwidth, but increase our network bandwidth is also a development trend. Target audience's computer configuration and browser versions. The rapid development of computer hardware technology, now used by the computer's configuration is relatively high!
    Therefore, we design web pages, in fact, unnecessary to consider the computer has been configured. Note that in the design in different browsers to browse our web pages to see if there has not changed

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    Re: What are the methods for production sites?

    The site has just set up an empty folder; the user must first design the site structure. Prior to creating professional web site to have a detailed plan, so although it will take some of the human and material resources, but better than after a problem with change much better.
    Web site planning a very important issue is to define the site structure. Design the site structure, you have to determine the site of sub-columns; design of the site structure, you have to identify pictures, multimedia files, the storage location; design of the site structure, you have to navigation bar. Professional website, you must have a navigation bar.

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    Re: What are the methods for production sites?

    A good site to determine the objectives and structure, the next step is to gather information about site resources, including the following resources:
      1. Text information: The text is the site theme. No matter what type of site, should be inseparable from the narrative text. Even if the pictures and then left the word gorgeous, viewers are also unintelligible. So, to make a successful web site must provide adequate written materials.
      2. Image Information: Web site is an important requirement is illustrated. If you only have text, the viewer cannot help but feel dull read. Explanation of the text together with some related pictures, enabling visitors to understand more information, but also enhances the viewer impression.
      3. Animation information: Animations can be inserted on the page to add dynamic page effects. Flash animation on the web is now a considerable number of applications, it is proposed that we should learn some knowledge of Flash animation.
      4. Other information: For example, the site of application software, music, music files, etc. on the site.

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    Re: What are the methods for production sites?

    Design the site structure and collection of sufficient resources; you can start the layout of the page. In Dreamweaver, you can layout through the following means:
      1. The use of layout tables: There are three major elements of the form - tables, rows and columns, and cells, but the form can also be nested, but in here to suggest that you should not put all the pages are placed in a large table, and the nest is best not more than three layers, because if you do, the browser will increase the time resolution, and then when the viewer visits the speed will slow.
      2. The use of floor layout: Layers well suited to free-form layout, typesetting, when proposals are now abandoned WEB standard form, but if the beginner learning to use the floor layout, while also learning a lot of other relevant knowledge, the most important is the CSS and javascript, use CSS to support layer can be page layout to achieve, can be solved form has brought us trouble. If you are interested in WEB standards, then you should really be made to learn CSS in!
      3. To use Layout view to publishing: In the Dreamweaver MX 2004 has a special layout view, we have beginners web design can use it for typesetting.
      4. The use of framework layout: It is a browser window that displays multiple Web pages in the form of a few days ago I remember someone in the forums seeking, the page format, courseware, web courseware format so much is out of frame.

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    Re: What are the methods for production sites?

    The packing of the information collected and production of components into the page layout for them in the location specified on the.
    Inserted into the page layout, the text is the same size, same style, same color; images of different sizes. Therefore, we must then edit the various elements, for example, change the text font, size, color, size, etc., to the size of pictures, table’s adjustment buttons to adjust behavior and so on!
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