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Thread: How to test the functionality of a website?

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    How to test the functionality of a website?

    Web-based system testing with the traditional software testing both in common, there are different places, the software testing raised new challenges. Web-based system testing will not only need to check and verify operation. It has more challenges compared to the software testing. Begin a novice to this field I need to know the methods for testing the functionality of a website.

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    Do not forget to check the link of a website.

    Link is a Web application system, a main feature, which is to switch between pages and guide the user to pages that do not know the address of the principal means. Link test can be divided into three areas. First of all, test all the links are directed, as is indeed linked to the linked page; followed, test the linked page exists; Finally, ensure that Web applications do not have isolated pages, the so-called isolation of the page is no link to the page only know the correct URL address for access.

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    You should take care about form test

    When the user to a Web application system administrators to submit information, you need to use the form operations, such as user registration, login, and information submitted by other. In this case, we must test the integrity of the commit operation, to verify the information submitted to the server is correct. For example: a user fill in the date of birth and occupation is appropriate, fill in the respective provinces and cities where the matches and so on. If you use the default values, but also test the correctness of the default values. If the form can only accept certain specified value, should also be tested. For example: only accept certain characters, the test can skip these characters, to see whether the system will complain.

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    Re: How to test the functionality of a website?

    Cookies are normally utilize to store user information and user application in a positive operation of the system, when a customer visits a convinced Cookies an application system, Web server will send in sequence about the user's in sequence to the information to Cookies are stored on the client computer, this can be used to create dynamic and customized landing pages, or store information. If the use of Web applications Cookies, we must check whether Cookies work correctly. Cookies content of the test may include whether the work, whether the scheduled time to save, revive on what the crash of Cookies.

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    Re: How to test the functionality of a website?

    Web design language account of the differences be able to caused by the client or server-side stern problems, such as the use to which description of HTML. When developed in a dispersed environment, developers are not as one, this issue becomes chiefly important. In addition to HTML version of the problem, different scripting languages such as Java, javascript, ActiveX, VBScript, or Perl, also have to verify.
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    Re: How to test the functionality of a website?

    In the Web application technologies, the database plays an important role in database management systems for Web applications, run the query and the achievement of users for data storage requests, and provides space. In Web applications, the most commonly used database type is a relational database; you can use SQL to process the information. In the use of the Web database application system, under normal circumstances, two kinds of errors may occur, namely, data consistency errors and output errors. Data consistency error was mainly due to the user submits the form information is not correct and caused the output error was mainly due to network speed or programming problems arising for both cases can be tested separately.

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